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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Resident Evil 3 Remake, available now. 

Resident Evil 3 remake has only been out for a few days, and players have already found themselves getting frustrated. One of the most confusing parts of the game would have to be one of the game’s earliest puzzles when Jill has to bring the trains online in the subway office.

Without bringing both power and a subway route to the train station, Jill and train carts full of survivors will not be able to escape to safety. What is even worse is that players will have some zombies blocking their paths and Nemesis not too far behind.  It can take new players a while to find the solution, so here is a breakdown to help you get the trains online.

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After surviving what seems to be an impossible amount of explosions, watching Brad sacrifice himself and getting saved from Nemesis by Carlos, Jill will be tasked to get the subway infrastructure working. After climbing some stairs out of the subway station, Jill enters a safe-room with useful materials, a storage chest, a save point, and a strange clock-like device. After leaving this safe-room, take out the zombies (around five headshots with the pistol) in a nearby alley and use it to get around the debris blocking the road.  Unfortunately, it leads to another section of the road that is blocked off, and the only route around it is set on fire.

Some zombies will push down a few gates giving Jill access to another street leading to a donut shop. After dispatching the zombies (you can use the red barrel to blow them all up quickly), head towards the shop. Jill can stop the small group of zombies by shooting an electrical box. The box electrocutes the surrounding zombies in place, but it will not kill them. Inside the shop has more materials, a fancy box, and a safe-room (the save point replaces the bolt cutters from the demo). Once collecting what Jill needs, exit the other side of the shop.

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Yet another red barrel will be there to aid Jill as she takes out some more zombies on another closed off-street. Among the donut shop’s trash is more handgun ammo while the rest of the street will have a chained up alley, more zombies, a second explosive barrel, a drug store and some breakable item boxes. Walk up some stairs towards an orange-yellow door to Kite Bros Railway, and inside that building is the fire hose, as well as a shotgun that you’ll need bolt cutters to access.

The subway company’s office will also be inside, but there isn’t much to do there since it has no power. Heading into the drug store, you’ll find some important materials and a code to a safe that is found on a poster. Walking up the stairs across the street from the subway offices leads to a storage room with the safe holding a handgun upgrade, two zombies, and access to a catwalk leading to the alley that is on fire. More zombies can be found along the catwalk, but another red barrel is there to save the day. Use the fire hose to put out the fire and head inside the repair store where the bolt cutters and another safe room will be. There are still things to do, so don’t use the bolt cutters on the red door just yet.

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Now that Jill has access to the shotgun, its best to use the bolt cutters to get it to better fight off zombies. The bolt cutters also help to get inside the supermarket, which has another fancy box, high-grade gunpowder, and a health spray inside. Now that she’s better equipped, Jill can use the bolt cutters on the red door inside the repair shop. The entrance leads to murder and a garage. Leaving the garage out the back leads to zombie dogs. The electrical room is holding more useful supplies as well as a safe-room with a Hip Pouch. Now Jill is going to have to turn on four circuit breakers within a corrupted maze (their locations are shown on four monitors).

Walking down some stairs, green herbs and lock picks can be found on a corpse sitting in a corner. Use the lock picks to enter the maze and, after getting impregnated with parasites, use the green herbs to vomit the maggots out. Both the shotgun and electrical boxes work to kill the giant spiders in the maze instantly. After turning on all four circuits, Jill will be chased by a horde of spiders. Head back to the safe room to flip the main switch. After doing this, Jill has to fix the traffic control system. Working her way back towards the subway offices, Jill can use the lock picks on yellow padlocks to collect supplies. After leaving the electrical room, Jill’s good friend Nemesis comes back to say hi.

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Since bullets don’t seem to have much effect on him, Jill has to work her way around him and avoid his attacks. This is also when grenades would come in handy. While being chased by Nemesis and blocked off by some new zombies, use the lock picks to enter the toy store where the first Charlie Doll can be found along with the last fancy box. Each fancy box holds the jewels needed to power the clock-like device. This rewards Jill with a grenade, Hip Pouch, and a shotgun upgrade.

Now that the offices have power, Jill can plan a subway route for the trains to escape. On the control panel, use the station initials and the track numbers to plot a safe route. The result should be RE:01, FA:02, RA:03, SA:02, and FO:01 to plot a successful route. After this, the surrounding zombies will mutate into stronger opponents that can attack from a distance and try to eat Jill’s head. Her best bet to survive is to use the catwalk route to make her way back to the subway station.

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The beginning of Resident Evil 3 Remake is a little difficult and frustrating, so here's a breakdown on how to do it easily

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