Rick And Morty: 5 Marvel Superheroes Rick Sanchez Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Rick Sanchez, for lack of a better word, is a god in his own little fictional multiverse called Rick and Morty. He pretty much gets to do whatever he wants and that usually involves crazy cynical bastardizations of existing fiction tropes. This can be anything from science fiction, fantasy, heists, and even superheroes.

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Speaking of which, Rick’s cheeky mockery for superheroes can be merciless and unrelenting as proven in the episode “The Vindicator.” As for how he stacks up against the actual costumed demigods of fiction, well, that’s why we’re here– to see if Rick can disrespect some of Marvel’s biggest superheroes and get away with it or get kicked back into his own universe with a bruised ego.


Iron Man might have been the MCU’s poster boy but by no means is he the most brilliant inventor in the Marvel universe. He mostly just specializes in engineering, a field which Rick Sanchez can probably dominate with his eyes closed.

Rick’s inventions simply trump whichever Iron Man can make. Even his standard portal gun would be able to eliminate Iron Man and send him somewhere he wouldn’t be able to easily escape or probably die trying to.


Sentry is one of the closest characters Marvel has for DC’s Superman but one can even argue that the former is more powerful. Sentry virtually has no weakness apart from his unstable mind and a tendency to let an evil split persona take over.

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As it stands, Rick doesn’t have a chance against a being this powerful. Sentry’s super-strength, speed, molecular manipulation, psionic abilities, and even reality-shaping (to a certain extent) means he can easily counter anything Rick throws at him, not that he needs to as he’s also immortal.


Being one of the characters that Rick Sanchez was inspired by, one would think that Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four would have a fighting chance. While he might if he prepared long enough, that would only give Rick Sanchez more time to parodically outsmart him.

Reed might be fundamentally more intelligent or wiser than Rick but the latter can prove to be a more efficient inventor. Rick can easily make something to defeat Reed while Reed is in the mere process of thinking how to defeat Rick. It just goes to show that your parody can be more powerful than you.


There is another Richards capable of defeating Rick and that would be Franklin, Reed’s son. Franklin was born a mutant with some weird and godly wildcard powers that allow him to make and bend reality at will. Plus he gets to do this as a child.

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It’s safe to assume that it took Rick at least seven decades to be able to learn a small portion of that power. Ultimately, Franklin is someone capable of humbling Rick with his mutant powers and his superior intellect at such a young age.


Shrinking to sub-atomic levels is something Rick is familiar with, meaning Ant-Man will only seem like a clueless neophyte in Rick Sanchez’s eyes. There’s nothing Ant-Man (Hank Pym) can do that Rick can’t with flying colors to boot.

We’ve already seen in Rick and Morty how small Rick can shrink and how he can even affect or disobey certain rules of the universe in order to win or do something petty. At best, Ant-Man might even need Rick’s help with upgrades or in dealing with Ultron in the comic books.


Rick Sanchez can easily defeat persons or superpersons but he still does have physical limitations as a human being. In that regard, he certainly no match for the universe itself or at least the physical embodiment of the universe in Marvel named Captain Universe.

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Captain Universe is pretty much the consciousness of the universe selecting people as hosts who it then transforms into omnipotent and omnipresent puppets. There’s nothing Captain Universe can’t do and if Rick is causing too much trouble and imbalance, then you can bet that Captain Universe will whip him back into discipline.


Blasphemy, right? How can a Reed Richards parody be able to defeat one of Marvel’s toughest monsters to date? Well, turns out the Hulk is a one-trick pony compared to Rick Sanchez. His over-reliance on physical strength and brute force is also one of his weaknesses.

Rick can easily open a portal somewhere far and unknown and send the Hulk there. It will take years or a long time for the monster to find his way back and by then, Rick will have probably prepared a cure for Bruce Banner’s gamma affliction.


Here’s another mutant that Rick won’t be able to survive. Jean Grey is often considered as one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe and combined with the Phoenix Force, she becomes an unstoppable being of cosmic destruction.

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Even as her regular self, Jean Grey will be able to vaporize Rick or read his mind and prepare a countermove. Rick might be unfair at times when it comes to inventions, but he won’t be able to cheat his way to victory against Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force.


A fight between these two fourth-wall breakers would be epic in proportion and is probably worth a movie. Heck, Rick probably wouldn’t even want to fight someone like Deadpool– the two of them could just watch Interdimensional Cable instead.

Even so, Rick will surely win if they ever get into a physical argument with violence as a language. For added laughter, Rick could open a portal to Deadpool’s mid-section, bisecting him and sending his lower half in the dimension with farting butts.


Thor, often considered as one of the most powerful superheroes not just in the Avengers but in the whole Marvel franchise, is just way too much even for someone like Rick Sanchez. He’s a literal god who regularly dabbles in cosmic anomalies and jumps into other dimensions as if they were rooms.

Moreover, Thor’s magical weapons and capabilities might never get decoded or deconstructed by a man of science like Rick. All Thor has to do is pin Rick down with the Mjolnir and call it a day.

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Rick Sanchez is probably the smartest being in the universe, so there are of course some Marvel heroes he could easily take down.

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