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Riot Games’ Valorant launched its open beta on Tuesday, and has released a cinematic trailer to commemorate the occasion. It’s titled “DUELISTS,” referencing the name of one of the game’s character classes. It’s reminiscent of Overwatch‘s cinematics, which shouldn’t be a surprise since Valorant itself is something of a mix between Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The trailer stars two of the game’s “Agents,” Phoenix and Jett, and shows off a lot of the game’s mechanics while still presenting a compelling (if short) story. Phoenix is pursuing Jett across an unnamed Italian city, all in hopes to retrieve a mysterious package. Jett stays ahead of him with her superior mobility, which makes sense, since two of the character’s abilities are a quick dash forward and a boosted jump. Phoenix responds by using some of his fire-based weapons, representing his own in-game abilities.

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This chase results in Jett being trapped in a blazing room while Phoenix closes in, before she dashes through and shoots him. Here we also see one of the neat stylistic choices the trailer makes: freeze frames. At three separate points throughout the trailer, when either character does something particularly impressive, the video slows down to a crawl for a moment, giving us a tableau of what’s happening along with large block letters behind them spelling out what the character is thinking.

The trailer ends with the game’s logo and a cut to black, before a small epilogue: Phoenix “respawns”, mimicking his in-game ultimate, before asking what happened to the package. It turns out the package was the “spike,” the in-game objective Valorant players pursue in their own game of cat-and-mouse, similar to Phoenix and Jett’s. In addition, a chunk of the Italian city has been turned into an island in the sky: Ascent, one of the in-game maps.

Developed and published by Riot Games, Valorant was released on June 2, and is available for free to download on PC.

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Valorant's new cinematic released along with its open beta shows off two characters playing a game of cat-and-mouse across an Italian cityscape.

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