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When it comes to the animated Teen Titans and the live-action Titans, they share many of the same characters that have very different personalities from one another. Today, we’ll be pitting Teen Titan’s Robin and Titan’s Nightwing against one another. The two are incredibly different, so let’s see which of the two is superior to the other.

10 Live-Action: Darker

While this has certainly calmed somewhat in season 2 (emphasis on the somewhat), Dick is an incredibly dark character in Titans. He spends all of his time brooding, being angry over the past, and dumping his surrogate child with Hank and Dawn so he can escape his responsibility. He’s just kind of awful a lot of the time, which is a shame. As mentioned, he’s a bit better in season 2. Hopefully, this trend continues in season 3.

9 Animted: Friendlier

The Teen Titans version of Robin is a lot friendlier than the Titans version, which, of course, isn’t saying all that much. Still though, Robin is kind to all of his friends and takes his job of keeping the world safe very seriously. He’s a kind person, which Dick hasn’t really been too often in Titans. Season 3, make it happen.

8 Live-Action: The History

The animated Teen Titans has very little backstory for Robin, he’s one of the few members who is really left unexplored in terms of his background. This is the exact opposite of Dick in Titans. There are huge portions of the show dedicated to Dick’s upbringing with Bruce.

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This background helps explain why he acts the way he does toward his teammates, and generally fleshes out his character very well.

7 Animated: A Stronger Leader

As previously mentioned, Dick’s coldness can make him somewhat of an ineffective leader at times in the live-action show. The animated show’s Robin is the uncontested leader of the team, and it’s very rare that anyone has a problem with the way he leads. He does his job well, something that live-action Dick could learn from.

6 Live-Action: Better Costume

Now that the Nightwing costume has arrived in Titans, it’s safe to say that the live-action version has a better costume. The animated Robin has a very standard Robin outfit. Live-action Dick’s Robin outfit was fine, but the Nightwing look is on a whole new level.

5 Animated: His Relationship With Starfire

While Dick and Kory certainly have something going on in Titans, Robin and Starfire have a concrete relationship in Teen Titans. It was something that the show was building toward for some time, and the payoff was fantastic to finally see come to fruition.

4 Live-Action: More Growth

While Robin did have a fair bit of growth in Teen Titans, Dick has already made a lot of progress toward not being awful in season 2 of Titans. Animated Robin received about the same amount of growth in the entire show’s run that Dick has already had in just one season of Titans. While both Robins grew, it’s fair to say that Dick’s growth is going to be stronger when it comes to the big picture.

3 Animated: The Slade Relationship

One of the most important relationships in the Teen Titans animated show was definitely the hatred between Robin and Slade. The two went back and forth for years, and while the other Titans obviously wanted to take him down, Robin had a huge vendetta against him. Their relationship was simply on a different level, and it was a huge part of the show.

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In the live-action show, Deathstroke sticks around for one season and is then seemingly gone. Unless he makes a surprise return later down the line, the stronger relationship between the two has to go to the animated version of Robin.

2 Tie: Fighting Skills

Both the animated and live-action versions of Robin show that they’re very talented fighters. They both use the same type of fighting skills, of course, and while there haven’t been as many fight scenes in the live-action show as the animated one, the two seem like they’re on the same level as one another. While this could change as the live-action show progresses (or we finally get another season of the animated show), as of now, they tie when it comes to their fighting skills.

1 Winner: Animated Robin

The overall winner between the live-action and animated versions of Robin is the animated one. The Teen Titans Robin is just a better person all-around. He’s a more capable leader, he takes his job incredibly seriously, his fighting skills are top-notch, and his relationships with some of the main characters such as Slade and Starfire are fantastic parts of the show. While the live-action version of Dick isn’t bad, and seems to be getting better as time goes on, the animated version of Robin is just the better of the two. Now if they’d finally give us a new season of Teen Titans we’d get to spend even more time with the superior Robin.

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The animated and live-action versions of Robin are two very different people, which Titans leader is superior?

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