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The Teen Titans are the premiere teenage superhero team of DC Comics. They may not be as old as the Legion of Superheroes, but they’ve had far more staying power in the popular imagination. The team originally consisted of sidekicks Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad, with Speedy joining up after a time. The team would later include other heroes like Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Omen, Jericho, Terra, Hawk and Dove, and others.

The Teen Titans would later graduate to become the Titans, a team for the adult incarnation of the teen heroes such as Nightwing, Troia, Tempest, the Flash (Wally West), and Arsenal. Ironically, Deathstroke has even gathered his own crew of Titans. There’s also Young Justice, which is sort of like the Teen Titans but from a different era.

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Up until recently, the Titans and Teen Titans operated simultaneously, with the adult heroes Nightwing, Flash, Donna Troy, Omen, Tempest, and Arsenal working at the same time as the Teen Titans team Robin (Damian Wayne), Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Aqualad (Jackson Hyde), and Kid Flash (Wallace West). The question becomes, which of these teams would win?

10 TEEN TITANS: Spontaneity And Unpredictability

First off, we must set the ground rules. For this particular showdown, we are going to use the Rebirth lineups of both teams. Both are a good representation of what the Titans and Teen Titans have historically been in terms of membership–especially now that Cyborg has graduated to being a Justice League mainstay. Though both teams changed shortly after No Justice, the list is going to stick to what the teams started off with at the beginning of Rebirth. So, that means the Titans have Nightwing, Flash (Wally West), Arsenal, Donna Troy, Tempest, and Omen, and the Teen Titans have Robin (Damian Wayne), Kid Flash (Wallace West), Aqualad (Jackson Hyde), Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy

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The Teen Titans have an edge over the Titans thanks to spontaneity. While Damian is a strict tactician, he’s also violently unhinged in terms of his thinking. Who knows what plan he would come up with while battling the Titans. Nightwing knows Damian better than most, and that would likely only prompt Damian to come up with an even more risky and wild stratagem with which to bring down the Titans

9 TITANS: Longtime Friends

By contrast, Nightwing and the Titans have known one another since they were teenagers. They know one another’s limits and powersets, and they like working together. Robin’s wacky lineup of Teen Titans, especially in the current (and still somewhat confusing) canon, aren’t especially familiar with one another. They’d be understandably uneasy, especially with someone like Damian calling the shots.

8 TEEN TITANS: Youth And Rage

Robin and Kid Flash are angry heroes, and that would likely leave them working harder and be more devoted to winning the fight. Robin and Kid Flash would want to prove themselves, and that would likely catch their opponents on the Titans off-guard. Plus, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy are outcasts in their own right, and that would likely give them something of an edge.

7 TITANS: Well-Honed Team Work

This one sort of goes back to how long the Titans have been working together, but it is worth reiterating that these six heroes are very used to working together. Nightwing knows exactly how each of his teammates work and can corral them to come up with a superior strategy with which to stop Robin’s team.

Plus, Omen is a telepath, which would allow her to easily transmit the team’s thoughts and ideas to one another, so they would be able to coordinate with supernatural ease. Raven may be able to do the same for the Teen Titans, but her lack of familiarity with the other four may disrupt that cohesion.

6 TEEN TITANS: Mystic And Cosmic Powerhouses

While the Flash, Donna Troy, and Tempest are powerful, Starfire is a cosmic reactor, and Raven is the daughter of Trigon. Both women have access to immense power that sometimes manifests in unpredictable ways. The very supernatural nature of Raven’s powers may catch the Titans off-balance, and Starfire can really bring down the hammer when she needs to. Aqualad and Kid Flash are no slouches either, of course, with one commanding aquakinesis and the other being faster than most human beings.

5 TITANS: Relaxed And Friendly Leadership

A team is only as good as its leader, and Nightwing is a heck of a good leader. He’s friendly, relaxed, and knows how to be just serious enough to keep the others in line. The Titans feel at-ease working under Dick Grayson, and he wouldn’t ride them too hard unless it was necessary. In many ways, he’s the exact opposite kind of Robin from Damian Wayne.

4 TEEN TITANS: Strict And Coarse Leadership

Speaking of Damian, his leadership is strict and unpleasant. However, it helps him keep command of people who are older and more powerful than he, like Starfire and Raven. It encourages his teammates to operate exactly as he instructs, which would help ensure his plans and stratagems go off without a hitch. This is in contrast to the looser and possibly more sloppy leadership of Dick Grayson.

3 TITANS: The Actual Fastest Man Alive

While both teams have a Flash in this matchup, the Flash, Wally West, is the actual fastest man alive. He’s faster than even Barry Allen, and he’s more accustomed to his speed than Wallace West.

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This edge alone means that Wally West could potentially pacify Robin’s entire Teen Titans team before they have time to react, however likely or unlikely that may be to happen. Regardless, it’s quite the advantage to have over Damian and his Teen Titans.

2 TEEN TITANS: The Batman’s True Son

In addition to his style of leadership and personality, Robin is also the Batman‘s true son. He is made of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul’s flesh and blood, and he has been raised by the League of Assassins and Batman. He is a living weapon and immeasurably dangerous. He’s more like Batman than Nightwing has ever been, and that means he has one giant advantage over the Titans.

1 TITANS: The Batman’s First Son

By contrast, Nightwing is Batman’s first Robin, and he has spent the most time working with Batman in the field. While he may be far removed from Bruce’s training by now, he’s also had the most time to use that training and refine it to work for him and his fighting style. He has confidence with his skills that Damian hasn’t quite attained yet–even if Damian overcompensates with bravado. Nightwing is the first son of Batman, and that makes him incredibly dangerous too.

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Both the Titans and the Teen Titans have their version of Robin. but which would lead their team to victory?

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