Rogue: 5 Costumes That Made Her Look Cool In The X-Men (& 5 That Were Just Lame)

When it comes to Rogue, the main idea is to look, but don’t touch. Touching her generally winds up not working out for you (just ask Carol Danvers). To help sell the point, Rogue’s costumes as part of the X-Men tend to emphasize how closed off she is (as well as limiting exposed skin), in gloves, capes, and jackets.

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While most of her looks all echo a familiar theme, not all of them are successful. Or comprehensive. Which are Rogue’s coolest outfits? Which are the lamest? Here are five costumes that made Rogue look cool, and five that made her look lame.

10 LAME: X-Men: Evolution

While Rogue’s characterization on X-Men: Evolution is generally considered to be among the better – or best – of her screen adaptations, the costume isn’t. The quasi-punk look isn’t that bad considering she’s a misunderstood, socially awkward teenager, but the general rule of thumb with Rogue’s costumes is that she doesn’t want to be touched. The sheer blouse she wears, and the skimpiness of her clothes, undercuts that idea completely. It makes her seem reckless and irresponsible when her condition is all she thinks about.

9 COOL: Savage Land

One place some less than comprehensive threads make sense is the Savage Land. Once upon a time, Rogue was stranded in the prehistoric lost world hidden in Antarctica, along with Magneto. Rogue and Magneto share a complicated relationship, in large measure because he’s one of the few people who can touch her without consequences. While not necessarily ideal partners for each other, beggars can’t be choosers and their time in the Savage Land provided Rogue some freedom (and in another timeline a marriage).

8 LAME: Post-Secret Wars

Coming out of the mega ’80s crossover Secret Wars, it seems like most Marvel heroes got a new costume. Some of them were pretty iconic. Some… were not, like this yellow turtleneck-sweater thing someone inflicted on Rogue. Though it definitely screams ‘layers’, it also screams ‘help’. Luckily a fashion intervention wasn’t too far behind. Rogue was the subject of a lot of ‘timely’ looks that put her in costumes that were very much of the moment. It would be years before she found something timeless.

7 COOL: The Original

Though Rogue appeared much older than she would later turn out to be in her first appearance in Avengers Annual #10, her first look wasn’t too dated. The layered green outfit with a heavier than normal jacket would inform many of her most classic looks down the line in various media.

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Elements of this costume would echo in outfits Rogue wore in the ’90s and beyond, as she continued her journey of self-discovery and wrestled with control of her mind and power absorbing ability.

6 LAME: X-Men Movies

As cool as it was to see Rogue featured in the X-Men films (well, the first one, anyway), her costume wasn’t that great. The decision to put everyone in the same black leather uniform was understandable given that the fledgling franchise was introducing a ton of new characters to audiences, but it stripped the character of any personality or distinguishing characteristics. Outside of her signature streak of white in her hair, Rogue blended into the crowd, ultimately to the point they cut her out.

5 COOL: X-Men Legacy

Rogue experiments a lot with her look, though she tends to stay close to some basic ideas. While she was in charge of the X-Men for a time, she made a design choice that spoke volumes. Her new costume echoed her first outfit heavily in the green and white color scheme. She tried a long white scarf, and then later added a jacket and a hood. How many layers she uses tends to vary with her mood it seems. Rogue would continue to mess around with the green-white look a lot.

4 LAME: X-Treme X-Men

There are no bigger red flags in comic books than ‘extreme’ anything and Rogue’s red and black outfit in X-Treme X-Men is a big one. While not the worst costume ever created, it doesn’t really feel like Rogue, outside of echoing the short jacket from a more popular look. The addition of the sunglasses isn’t the type of protection Rogue really needs, but these were a uniform element common to this version of the team. The red sunglasses served as communication devices for the X-Treme X-Men.

3 COOL: Jim Lee Look

While the leather jacket became the accessory du jour in the ’90s to the point of being a cliche, Rogue pretty much broke the mold. Thanks to the impressive talents of Jim Lee, Rogue got a makeover that went on to become her most iconic and familiar design.

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X-Men: The Animated Series didn’t hurt, either. The yellow contrasted with her familiar green really made the jumpsuit pop, and while the jacket might seem a bit dated now, it makes sense within the context of the character and the time. All in all, one of the best X-outfits ever.

2 LAME: Age of Apocalypse

Despite being one of the most beloved storylines in X-lore, the Age of Apocalypse did not do Rogue any favors, look-wise. Building off her fantastic ’90s outfit, green and yellow return but now they’re augmented with a cape and the same weird collar that everyone else seems to be wearing. Despite her marriage with Magneto in this alternate timeline, her newfound happiness and physical intimacy don’t seem to be reflected in her choice of costume (though to be fair, it’s literally the apocalypse).

1 COOL: Chris Bachalo Rogue

All the classic elements of Rogue’s costume – and her personality – finally come together in this outstanding redesign from artist Chris Bachalo in 2013. The green and white scheme returns, this time taking the design of the original jacket and expanding it into a flowing cape with a hood. The white echoes the streak in her hair, and for the first time in her long career functions in concert with her personality – she is literally and figuratively drawing lines for people. Look, but don’t touch.

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From film to animation to the comics themselves, these are the best and worst of Rogue's costumes.

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