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Ryan Murphy hinted he’s working on a revival of his campy slasher series Scream Queens.

On Instagram, Murphy responded to a fan who wrote “Scream Queens Season 3 (2020)” with “Working on that!” It’s far from confirmation that the cult show will be resurrected, but it suggests Murphy has been talking to networks about a potential third season.

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Scream Queens debuted in 2015 and revolved around sorority house terrorized by a a masked serial killer. Season 1 starred a who’s who of famous faces, including Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Jamie Lee Curtis. While Scream Queens was originally envisioned as a horror anthology in the same vein of American Horror Story, the principal cast reprised their roles for Season 2.

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Scream Queens also starred Ariana Grande in a minor role in Season 1. Interestingly, fans noted that she’s one of only three accounts he currently follows on Instagram. Although it is far from confirmation Grande would be part of a possible revival, it has sent fandom into a frenzy that the pop princess could return.

Despite the fan-favorite return of Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, the move to a hospital setting and new cast members including Taylor Lautner and John Stamos, Scream Queens continually declined in ratings. Although Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger and Murphy previously expressed an interest in Season 3, news on the Scream Queens front has been quiet since he asked fans about a reunion last year.

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy teased the possibility for a third season of his horror-comedy series Scream Queens.

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