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Ryan Reynolds hilariously warned a fan against watching 2011’s Green Lantern, in which he starred as the titular main character.

A fan recently tweeted to Reynolds, “Green Lantern is available to rent for $0.99 on Apple TV, it’s been 9 years… should I do it [Ryan Reynolds]?” to which the actor responded, “Walk away.”

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Directed by Martin Campbell, Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern was an origin story for the popular DC character Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. However, the film failed to take flight with critics or audience members, with many complaining about the flimsy storytelling as well as its use of a CGI Green Lantern suit. It didn’t fare much better financially, either, grossing $219.85 million worldwide on a $200 million budget.

Reynolds is known for poking fun at Green Lantern, referencing the film in both Deadpool movies; in the first, Wade Wilson says, “Please don’t make the super-suit green… or animated!” and in the second, Deadpool goes back in time and shoots Reynolds as he’s reading a script for Green Lantern.

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DC announced the development of another Green Lantern film called Green Lantern Corps in 2014 with plans for a 2020 release, though it has since been delayed. Meanwhile, HBO Max will bring the space cops to life with a live-action Green Lantern series that has yet to receive a premiere date.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds offered some helpful advice to a fan wondering if they should watch 2011's DC film Green Lantern.

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