Sailor Moon: 5 Anime Characters Sailor Moon Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)

While Sailor Moon may seem like a clumsy, maybe even weak character compared to modern-day shonen heroes for those who have not seen the series in its entirety, Sailor Moon has the potential to possibly beat every character she comes across. By the end of the series, Sailor Moon can create and destroy entire universes. She becomes faster than light, can teleport, and much more.

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Sailor Moon has the ability to knock down her entire team with just one hit. In her Sailor Cosmos form, she pretty much has every ability fathomable and can withstand the destruction of her body, mind, and soul. Sailor Moon is a long series with a lot of different power-ups along the way. Many viewers are quick to jump up and claim that she is a weak hero based on her appearance, but in reality, Sailor Moon can probably destroy everything. Her few weaknesses are the fact that she is used to fighting in a team, which may prove one-on-one battles difficult.

10 Lose – Meliodas, Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins is extremely strong and fast. Most of the characters on this list are. They all have some kind of superhuman strength or speed and he isn’t necessarily stronger or faster than anyone else here. But there is one key element that sets Meliodas apart from the rest. He thrives while losing. Much like The Hulk in Marvel comics who gets stronger while he is losing, Meliodas seems to get stronger every time he dies. He can also use a number of counter-attacks to deflect Sailor Moon’s abilities back at her. In reality, the two would probably be friends more than anything else, but if this is a one-on-one battle, Meliodas’s abilities might just get the better of Usagi. The two would be in a constant battle as well, considering they both seem to resurrect each time they die.

9 Win – Goku, Dragon Ball Z

Goku vs Sailor Moon is probably one of the most controversial topics in the anime community. Many die-hard Dragon Ball fans would say Goku, just as die-hard fans of Sailor Moon would say Usagi. But from an unbiased standpoint, Sailor Moon seems like she would take the win here. Like with Meliodas, Goku and Usagi would probably be friends and fight together rather than against one another. But in their ultimate forms, the two would most likely match in speed, strength, and abilities. Sailor Moon’s magic is available at all and any points in which she needs it, while Goku needs to powerup, to go into his different Saiyan modes. Sailor Moon controls literal space-time and could easily use that in her fight against Goku.

8 Lose – Saitama, One-Punch Man

While there is a world Sailor Moon could use her unique abilities here to defeat Saitama, it also just overall seems impossible. He is One-Punch Man. In reality, Sailor Moon’s body is impervious to damage while in her Sailor Cosmos form, meaning she would probably be able to withstand a punch from Saitama.

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However, due to the logic behind One-Punch Man, all it would take to defeat Sailor Moon is one punch from Saitama. He may have a difficult time getting to her and overall probably wouldn’t want to fight her, but once he lands one punch, it’s unfortunately over.

7 Win – Gon, Hunter x Hunter

While Gon is an extremely skilled and lucky fighter, Sailor Moon’s abilities will once again take the win here. This fight would definitely be a close one, but  Sailor Moon has all of Gon’s abilities, and is just a little bit stronger with them. Once, again, it is easy to see that Gon and Usagi would become friends over anything else. The two have bubbly personalities and have a deep appreciation for their friends. Gon and Usagi also act about the same age, as they are both incredibly childish (Gon being an actual child.) But in a battle, Sailor Moon would win.

6 Lose – All Might (At His Prime), My Hero Academia

This matchup is another tough one. Usagi would value All Might’s morals and drive too much to fight against him. The two are very similar in terms of personality and the view they have on the world, and both are the symbols of peace and justice of their respective shows. They want everyone to be as happy and safe as possible. All Might is probably physically stronger than Usagi, but when her later transformations come into the picture, she would probably win. However, Sailor Moon most likely would forgo fighting All Might, surrendering, and leaving the win to the symbol of peace and justice of My Hero Academia.

5 Win – Ichigo, Bleach

Like Sailor Moon, Ichigo seems to get a new power-up based on who he is fighting, a constant meme within the Bleach fandom. Ichigo has powers from every supernatural creature he has faced, usually for some (kind of silly) reason. But it always takes Ichigo awhile to learn of his new ability and master it. This would be when Sailor Moon would strike. She is powerful and while she may not be the best in a sword fight, Usagi could use her abilities to stop time and shift reality. She would beat him.

4 Lose – Soma, Food Wars!

This one is more for humor rather than anything else. Obviously, Soma and Usagi wouldn’t compete in a hand-to-hand or ability based contest, nor would they ever physically fight. But Soma has abilities Usagi could never even fathom. He knows how to cook.

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Usagi has canonically been known to be one of the worst cooks in Sailor Moon. She has Sailor Jupiter, who is an excellent chef, an attempt to teach her, but to no avail. Soma would destroy Usagi when it came to tastebuds, and easily best her in a cooking competition. Soma’s food may even defeat Usagi in a fight, one taste and she would be rendered useless due to her enjoyment of the food.

3 Win – Nezuko, Demon Slayer

Sailor Moon would probably find Nezuko adorable and want to help her and her brother, Tanjiro, more than anything else. But if Nezuko’s hypnosis wore off and she attacked Sailor Moon, Usagi would definitely win. Nezuko seems to be the strongest demon in Demon Slayer, but Sailor Moon is still stronger and faster than the girl. Nezuko’s demon flames and claws would render useless on Sailor Moon’s invulnerability and rebirths. Sailor Moon would likely be able to knock Nezuko out, ending the fight.

2 Lose – Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon

This may be a little deep, but in reality, Sailor Moon’s biggest enemy is herself. At the beginning of the series she was deathly afraid of conflict and ran away whenever they Sailor Senshi got serious. She was a crybaby who’d rather give up than have to deal with the monsters that were threatening her. As she grew, she still struggled with confidence issues. She was afraid she caused Chibiusa to become Black Lady, constantly feared she was pushing Mamoru away, and was afraid she wasn’t good enough for her friends. But this scared version of Usagi lost to the real Sailor Moon. The one who knew these thoughts were just in her head. Who knew that her love and affection for those she cared about meant more than anything.

1 Win – Naruto, Naruto

Another extremely tough battle, Naruto makes for a fierce opponent. In his ultimate form, Naruto is able to destroy the moon, which could prove problematic for Sailor Moon. However, in her ultimate form, she could destroy the entire universe. She can also manipulate reality, halting Naruto from taking any actions against her. Sailor Moon is faster than Naruto in terms of speed, yet both thrive when they have the aid of their friends and team. Like everyone else on this list, Naruto and Sailor Moon would most likely end up becoming friends over anything else. They are also extremely similar, the childish, unique, blonde protagonists of their respective series. But with Sailor Cosmos, Usagi would take this win.

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Which anime characters could Sailor Moon defeat in a fight, if it came down it? Some, but not all…

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