Sailor Moon: The 10 Worst Things Sailor Mercury Ever Did In The Anime, Ranked

Sailor Mercury is one of the most beloved characters in Sailor Moon. She’s sweet, kind, and smart, and a lot of people identify with her because she’s also shy and bookwormish. She often has trouble interacting with people, and Usagi is maybe her first friend since she sees past Ami’s quiet nature to notice she’s a good person.

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But even the best characters do things that make viewers shake their heads, wondering what they possibly could have been thinking. Sailor Mercury is no different in this regard. Here are 10 of the worst things Sailor Mercury did in the anime.

10 Being Allergic To Love Letters

When Ami gets a love letter, she breaks out in an actual rash. She can’t deal with the idea of having a secret admirer on such a level that she ends up having an allergic reaction to the whole concept. It’s a silly way of reacting to getting a love letter, even if it can be a little bit embarrassing. The reaction feels immature, like maybe she’s really not prepared to have romantic relationships, since she’s a little too childish for them.

9 Being Embarrassed Of Her Hobbies

Ami is a bit of a romantic at heart, even if she has trouble admitting it. She’s best known for being bookish and intelligent, so it’s easy to assume that most of her hobbies are also academic, which they are, to a point.

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For example, she’s great at chess and plays competitively. But she also really loves to read romance novels. Unfortunately, Ami is really embarrassed about this and has tried to hide it, even from her friends. It’s a humanizing thing about her that Ami should be quick to embrace, since it makes her easier to understand and relate to.

8 Letting Chibi-Usa Get One Over On Her

Chibi-Usa is a huge brat when the Sailor Scouts first meet her. She doesn’t want anything to do with them, and she’s definitely on a mission to find Sailor Moon, not realizing that she already has in the form of Usagi and her friends.

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When Ami tries to look after her, Chibi-Usa escapes by putting sleeping powder in her tea. Ami probably should have seen a trick like this coming, considering that Chibi-Usa has been nothing but deceptive and awful from the moment she arrived. For the smartest Scout, this is not Ami’s best moment.

7 Spending Too Much Time Alone

Ami is really smart, and that’s part of the reason that she doesn’t have a lot of friends. Other people in her school are intimidated by her. Some people think she’s downright snobby, and still others think she gets the grades she does by cheating. While none of these are fair assessments, Ami does bring a lot of this on herself. She doesn’t make much effort to try to get to know her classmates, and she lets them think badly of her instead of trying to put herself out there. Plus, it’s not healthy to spend so much time alone, obsessing about grades.

6 Trying To Get Usagi To Study

Usagi is a hopeless person when it comes to schoolwork. She isn’t interested in it, she doesn’t really have time for it between being Sailor Moon and having a dreamboat boyfriend and her daughter coming back in time from the future to give her a hard time.

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But Ami is persistent in trying to get Usagi to study. It’s a noble effort but also a waste of time. And it’s also not very fair to Usagi, who has a lot going on. Plus, it’s okay to not have the same priorities as her friends; she just needs to respect their differences.

5 Losing In Chess

Ami is the smartest of the Sailor Scouts and generally might be the smartest person in the anime, period. She thinks quickly and usually has a plan to solve their problems and to get them out of sticky situations. So when she and Berthier go up against each other in the finals of a chess tournament, it seems pretty unlikely that Berthier would be able to get one over on her. But she does, even though Ami is the most successful chess player in the tournament otherwise.

4 Deciding Not To Go To Germany

Ami gets a pretty amazing offer to go to Germany to study medicine so that she can jumpstart her medical career. It’s a good opportunity for her to make her dreams come true. The Scouts are sad that she’s leaving, understandably, since they’re all best friends and teammates.

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But they support her decision and even accompany her to the airport to see her off. Seeing her friends’ love makes Ami change her mind and decide to stay in Japan. This seems pretty foolish since she’s wasting an opportunity to learn even more in her field of study.

3 Being Beaten In Battle

The Sailor Scouts often have a hard time defeating their enemies on the first try. It sometimes takes some time for them to rally, and they usually have to work together to win in the end. But her fight against Berthier becomes pretty personal, since Berthier starts talking a lot of trash about Ami’s friends, particularly Usagi. Sailor Mercury being unable to defeat Berthier, even after becoming righteously angry on behalf of her friends, is a weird look and seems pretty embarrassing.

2 Letting Berthier Find Out Her Identity

The Sailor Scouts all have secret identities, and for good reason. They’re all pretty careful to hold these identities close to the vest so that their enemies can’t use them against them.

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But Ami isn’t careful enough, and Berthier ends up finding out who she is in real life. This allows her to set an elaborate trap for her, based on what she knows of her personally.

1 Dying During The Silver Millennium

The whole reason that the Sailor Scouts exist on Earth is because the Silver Millennium fell at the hands of Queen Metalia. Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send her daughter and the Scouts who were sworn to protect her to earth to be reincarnated. Sailor Mercury, along with the other Sailor Scouts, were tasked to protect the kingdom and Princess Serenity in particular. But despite being powerful and well-trained, they all fall to Queen Metalia, leaving the kingdom unprotected and ultimately getting Princess Serenity, and everyone else, killed.

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These are the worst things that Sailor Mercury did in the Sailor Moon anime, ranked.

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