Sailor Moon: The 10 Worst Things Sailor Moon Ever Did In The Anime, Ranked

Anyone can make terrible mistakes, and Usagi (aka Sailor Moon) is no exception to this rule. Sure, she’s had her incredible highs but she’s had some equally big lows when it comes to some of her decisions. And when it comes to the anime adaptations of her adventures, many of those moments are hard to forget.

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But which of these are the absolute lowest when it comes to Sailor Moon’s anime journey? That’s what this list will examine, in a ranking form. So grab any Moon Prism-powered weapons and tiara and check out the worst things Sailor Moon ever did in the classic anime.

10 Getting Carried Away at Parties

Usagi might be shy at times, but she often can get carried away with her silly antics. But among the most infamous of those occurs twice in the series – where Usagi finds herself getting drunk at not one, but two big essential parties!

Now, of course, anime characters often get intoxicated on screen for various reasons. But if you take into consideration Usagi’s age within these sequences and the embarrassment she causes, they aren’t that funny.

9 Judging Other’s Cooking

All fans know Usagi isn’t a master chef. And no moment perfectly proves that statement like a particular scene from Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie. In it, Usagi and friends are making a big batch of cookies. Amid the fun, Chibi-Usa‘s cookies become burnt – leading Usagi to criticize them.

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But when the two compete in a taste-testing contest, Usagi’s beautiful treats taste horrible while Chibi-Usa’s flavor is out of this world. Usagi is often quick to judge and scenes like this show how, if she just took a moment to not jump to conclusions, she’d learn some valuable (and delicious) lessons of acceptance.

8 Carelessly Tossing Things

Though aspects like this can be placed under the category of Usagi’s careless antics, this moon heroine often gets herself into trouble whenever she throws something away and doesn’t look where it is going. Sometimes such silliness results in her getting called “dumpling head” by Mamoru, or in other moments getting tangled up with a new rival or monster.

Regardless, Usagi should watch where she throws things since it always seems to get her into some sort of ridiculous, and even painful, shenanigans.

7 Being a Bad Student

Though she may be a good friend and try her best at many things, Usagi isn’t an outstanding student. And no matter how many times she tries her best to cram before a test, or blame crime-fighting activities on her low grades, studying is not where Usagi’s strength lies.

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Fans young and old can relate to this aspect of Usagi’s life to an almost painful degree. And though it is a quality of the character that makes her realistic, it would have been nice to see her have an academic passion outside of fighting by the moonlight.

6 Receiving a Love Letter

Usagi isn’t remembered for her fantastic love advice throughout the series. From encouraging others to go for a relationship that has no hope of starting to pushing herself towards unhealthy romantic standards, the cringe-worthy list goes on and on.

But in a moment from the Sailor Stars season, Usagi is confronted by a girl who hands her a love letter. Being her typical silly self, Usagi mistakes that the message is for her, which prompts Usagi to tell the girl to focus on dating boys instead. A comment that, though the schoolmate had intended the letter for Yaten, rings as a bit hypocritical (considering her other flirtations throughout the franchise) and homophobic.

5 Hitting on Motoki with Makoto

Usagi is a teenage girl whose heart always seems to go in a million directions. One of them leads to Motoki, the famous game center employee with a smile that could melt anyone. Makoto (aka Sailor Jupiter) also has a crush on him, allowing the two girls bond over Motoki’s cuteness.

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But when they both find out Motoki has a girlfriend, Reika, they continue to pursue him. That kind of behavior shows both Usagi and Makoto’s immaturity.

4 Obsessing Over Her Body Image

Like many people around the world, Usagi has her insecurities. Among the worst of them is her constant criticism of her appearance, especially her body image. And though this aspect is very relatable for audiences, it can be equally upsetting to watch.

This fascination especially becomes cringeworthy during the episode “Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi,” where Usagi obsesses over her weight. Luna even bullies her about it. Plus, she only stops critiquing herself when Motoki tells her he prefers her current physical appearance.

3 Fighting with Chibi-Usa

Sailor Moon might be known as the warrior of love and justice. But she’s equally as much of a fighter when it comes to those who annoy her – including her daughter from the future, Chibi-Usa. From petty arguments over the silliest of things to full-blown screaming matches, these two bun-haired individuals are a match in sass and aggression.

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But there’s a point to which these fights get more annoying for the audience than for the characters themselves. It is understandable for Usagi to be annoyed at the circumstances of Chibi-Usa being in her life (especially as a teenager). Still, fans want to plead with Usagi to stop being so petty.

2 Handing the Holy Grail to Mistress 9

Sailor Moon is a character who wears her heart on her sleeve – which can get her into all sorts of problematic situations. One of the worst examples of this occurs during an encounter with the possessed Hotaru (aka Sailor Saturn/Mistress 9), in which Sailor Moon is tricked into giving the all-powerful Holy Grail to her, thinking it’ll save Hotaru’s life.

Though Sailor Moon is no stranger to making considerable sacrifices to protect her friends, this one leads to a lot more trouble than good. For not only did it give Mistress 9 more power, but it also allowed her to summon Phantom 90 to Earth.

1 Getting Jealous Over Chibi-Usa with Mamoru

Usagi is known for overthinking a lot of stuff throughout the series. But nothing was ever more out of control than her evolved jealousy towards (future daughter) Chibi-Usa’s and (future husband) Mamoru‘s bond.

For Usagi to assume that Mamoru is trying to replace her with Chibi-Usa is too much. It’s relatable in the way of a new mother’s first reactions to newborns. Still, when one considers all of the circumstances, Usagi’s focus on the issue shows that maybe she isn’t ready for the complexities of a serious relationship (and especially kids) just yet.

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Sailor Moon is an embodier of love and goodness, but sometimes, the character could do misguided things. Here are her 10 worst offences.

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