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Writer Scott Snyder has tackled many massive stories in the DC Universe, the most recent being the upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal series. However, his future projects with the company will be smaller in scale. In an interview with CBR, Snyder spoke about his future at DC, calling Death Metal the end of an era.

“I just recommitted to be part of DC post-Death Metal but in a different way; I want to be able to focus on projects that are less event-driven and — as much as this one is different — I want less, because I want to flex different muscles,” Snyder said.

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Snyder has already revealed a few details about one of his upcoming projects, which will see Dick Grayson return to the mantle of Batman. Snyder had previously written Grayson as Batman in the “Black Mirror” arc of Detective Comics.

Snyder is best known for writing Batman for DC Comics since the beginning of The New 52 initiative. That led to several other stories, including Dark Nights: Metal and Snyder’s run on Justice League. Dark Nights: Death Metal will see Snyder reunite with his frequent co-collaborator Greg Capullo, and is described as the capstone to the story they began with The New 52.

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Writer Scott Snyder said that his future DC projects will be smaller and less event-driven, calling Dark Nights: Death Metal the “end of an era.”

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