Scott Snyder Is Pitching a Nightwing Story to DC | CBR

Fans of Nightwing will be excited to know that superstar comic writer Scott Snyder is pitching a new story starring the hero.

Snyder was recently asked on Twitter who his favorite Robin is, to which the writer replied, “Dick, Because I grew up with him, and he was the first DC character I ever got to write so he’s dear to my heart.” The writer then revealed, “I’m actually pitching a Nightwing idea now.”

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Known first as the original Robin, Dick Grayson was introduced in Detective Comics #38 and would later be featured as Nightwing in 1984’s Tales of the Teen Titans #44. As Nightwing, Dick Grayson has appeared in many solo comic series, TV shows, video games and animated films.

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Snyder has had a long career in comics, writing for a multitude of series, including Detective Comics, All-Star Batman, Justice League, Swamp Thing and more. In addition to co-creating the popular American Vampire series, Snyder famously had a long run on the New 52 Batman series.

It is too early to tell when or even if a Nightwing series by Scott Snyder will release. Recently, DC Comics released a Robin 80th Anniversary one-shot that celebrated Dick Grayson and other Robins, including Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne.

A new Nightwing series may be coming from legendary comic book writer Scott Snyder, who is pitching a story to DC Comics.

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