Scott Snyder Provides Update on Wytches, Undiscovered Country Adaptations

In addition to his work on such titles as Batman and Justice League for DC, Scott Snyder has also written a number of creator-owned comics. Two of them, Wytches and Undiscovered Countrywill soon receive film adaptations.

In a forthcoming interview with CBR, Snyder gave updates on both projects. “With Undiscovered Country, we’re working on the screenplay right now for New Republic,” he said. “We have about another four weeks before we hand in the draft so it’s commenced and it’s all good. And Wytches is definitely still in development too.”

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Snyder co-created Wytches with his frequent co-collaborator Jock. It tells the story of a family who moves to a town after a girl who bullied their daughter disappears. However, they soon learn that this new town is full of supernatural horrors. Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment has purchased the film rights to Wytches, with Pitt, Snyder and Jock serving as producers.

Undiscovered Country is written by Snyder and Charles Soule, and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandini and Matt Wilson. It takes place in a future where the United States has sealed itself off from the rest of the world. As a pandemic rages across the globe, a group of specialists travel past the U.S. border and discover that America has become a bizarre wasteland. New Republic Pictures picked up the film rights to Undiscovered Country, with Snyder and Soule co-writing the screenplay.

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Writer Scott Snyder gives an update on the film adaptations of Wytches and Undiscovered Country.

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