Secret Wars: Marvel's Nights Watch Was More EPIC Than Game Of Thrones'

Secret Wars is one of the biggest and most expansive crossovers in Marvel history. Battleworld proved full of wonder and horror, with many threats hidden across the patchwork world. The most dangerous area in the world was actually so deadly that it ended up being fully separated from the rest of the realms by a massive stone wall called the Shield

Here’s what the Shield from Secret Wars was and how was it like the Wall from Game of Thrones — as well as what made it stand out.

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Battleworld is made up of multiple realities, cobbled together into a single plane by Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange after defeating the Beyonders. Each of the worlds falls under the command of Doom, who is treated as the God King Emperor of this realm. However, there are some who resist his rule. Those that do find themselves banished to the Shield. Like the Wall from Game of Thrones, the Shield is a massive stone wall located in the southern section of Battleworld. It reaches across Battleworld and separates the majority of the world from the denizens of the worst three realms in reality.

The Shield is protected by a legion of defenders from across Battleworld, most of whom had been conscripted into service at the Shield in recompense for their past crimes. Others, like the never-ending wave of Scott Summers clones gifted to the Shield by Baron Sinister, serve with a grim sense of duty. There they shall remain, fighting against any of the vile beings who live beyond the Shield whenever they try to breach the massive wall. What very few know about the Shield is that it’s actually alive. In the earliest days of Battleworld, Doom spoke to the giant Ben Grimm and convinced him to forever protect Battleworld as the Shield.

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The three realms separated from the rest of Battleworld are desolate and decimated places, similar to the places beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones. But while Game of Thrones begins with the undead as only legends of the undead in Game of Thrones, the zombies are fully known in Secret Wars. The Deadlands are home to the Marvel Zombies, a seemingly endless supply of heroes and villains corrupted into flesh-eating monsters.

The other two worlds beyond the Shield were initially safer places, before being overwhelmed legions of enemies. In Perfection, Ultron immediately turned on Hank Pym and quickly wiped out all organic life. Meanwhile, New Xandar was a peaceful and advanced realm until the Annihilation Wave came through, killing almost everyone who wasn’t part of Annihuls’ swarm. These three collectives found themselves in a strange stalemate, unable to wipe out either of the other or breach the Shield despite their best efforts.

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While most beings who were sent beyond the Shield were killed, there were a handful of survivors. Old Man Logan ended up trapped briefly in the Dead Lands, but was saved by a version of She-Hulk who threw him back into the core version of Battleworld. Elsa Bloodstone ensured the survival of another version of herself in the Dead Lands by using the demonic magical powers she inherited from her father. Crossbones is revealed to have escaped the Shield and become an agent for Doom, ensuring that others (like Red Skull) don’t make it back themselves. A handful of people sent over the Shield ended up founding the sanctuary town known as Salvation in Ultron’s territory – which was eventually brought down and overwritten by a combination of Wonder Man, Vision, and Iron Cross.

Like Game of Thrones, the Shield is eventually brought down. But while the White Walkers from Game of Thrones didn’t make it very far into Westeros itself, the armies beyond the Shield quickly move into all of Battleworld. The core Marvel Universe version of Thanos ends up in the Dead Lands, and makes his way to the Shield. There, he actually convinces Ben Grimm to no longer just serve as the Shield, and actually rise up against Doom. The Shield is brought down, and Thanos rallies the Annihilation Wave to his side. Meanwhile, Black Panther – who had been named the King of the Dead before the events of Secret Wars – arrives in the Dead Lands alongside Namor. There, he’s able to use his title to actually take command of the horde of zombies, commanding them and leading them into battle.

While the Shield may initially appear to just be a pastiche of the Wall from Game of Thrones, the Shield ends up being so much more over-the-top, expansive, and bizarre than Game of Thrones‘ own version of the same concept that Secret Wars above the popular fantasy series.

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The Shield from Marvel's Secret Wars is even more impressive and epic than the Wall from Game of Thrones.

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