See The Folded Out Glory of DC's 100-Page Giant Wraparound Covers!

In I Can’t Cover What I Am, I spotlight a collection of comic book covers (of at least ten covers) that follow a specific theme.

Today, I will do a spotlight on the wraparound covers that DC did for their line of 100-Page Giant Super Spectaculars during the 1970s. Fans over the years would often only see the front pages of these covers when they were featured online, so I thought it would be nice to show them fully spread open to see the full wraparound artwork from some of the top DC artists of the early 1970s.

We kick things off with off with Neal Adams’ brilliant look at the DC Universe as a whole at the time.

Murphy Anderson probably didn’t use the wraparound aspect of this Superman cover to its full potential here, but it’s still a fine cover.

We’re back to Neal Adams and he pairs with Dick Giordano for a gorgeous cover that sort of highlights the eclectic nature of these giants, as Batman is paired with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Joe Kubert is excellent, of course, but he probably didn’t use the wraparound effect all that well, either.

Bob Oksner did this clever look at the female superheroes of the DC Universe.

Nick Cardy did a great wraparound featuring running superheroes for this Flash cover.

Card did this Superboy one, as well, that served as a sort of teen superhero cover.

Neal Adams returned for this outstanding flying superheroes cover.

Cardy finished out the wraparound era with first this clever celluloid cover for Batman…

and then this fairly standard Superboy cover.

After this, the covers went to normal for the rest of the Super Spectacular run.

What a cool looking visual era for DC.

That’s it for this installment of I Can’t Cover What I Am! If you have a suggestion for a cover theme you’d like to see, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

In a feature spotlighting comic book covers, CSBG shows the full spread of DC's line of 100-Page Giants from the 1970s that had wraparound covers.

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