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Shanghai Disneyland is expected to reopen its gates to the public soon, after closing its doors due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to the New York Times, over the next several weeks Shanghai Disneyland is expected to reopen its gates to a limited number of visitors, which would be the park’s first step towards recovery in the midst of the recent crisis Disney finds itself faced with. The company’s stock has dropped by nearly 25 percent in the last two months, with its parks closed and its primary source of new content — entertainment studios — also remain closed.

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But that’s not to say the company is throwing caution to the wind. The park will reopen with several new health measures in place, including signs and floor markings that warn guests to maintain adequate distancing, as well as temperature and Health QR checks. Health QR is a measure the Chinese government has implemented which assigns citizens a “green,” “yellow,” or “red” health status, indicating whether they should be allowed into various public spaces as the country slowly reopens. Only those with a green Health QR as well as a normal temperature will be allowed into the park. In addition, guests will be required to wear masks at all times (except when dining).

Overall, Shanghai’s reopening marks the beginning of a slow climb back towards “normal” for Disney, although that doesn’t mean the company can be sure of what the future holds. But with Florida beginning to ease business restrictions as well — restaurants will be allowed to open at 25 percent seating capacity soon), things might be looking up for the House of Mouse.

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Disney's Shanghai park is expected to reopen in the coming weeks, but not without new health measures.

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