Shanghai Disneyland to Increase Capacity by 5,000 Every Week

Shanghai Disneyland plans to increase the number of guests it allows in the park by 5,000 each week.

“I look at this as a stair step. We’re going to be very conservative, we’re going to be very prudent, we’re going to be very disciplined about how we open up,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek told CNBC. “And then we’re going to ramp up and increase.”

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Shanghai Disneyland reopened on Monday to a sold-out crowd after closing for 15 weeks due to the coronavirus. The Chinese government will only allow the park to operate at 30 percent capacity, about 24,000 visitors (the park can hold 80,000). However, the park is currently operating well below that number. The hope is that, by the time the company reaches the 30 percent mark, the government will have raised the limit.

Sections of the Shanghai Disney Resort, including Disneytown, Wishing Star Park and Shanghai Disney Hotel, have been open since early March.

Disney is also in the process of reopening its American parks. Disneyland Resorts is now allowing guests to make reservations for July 1 and onward. Disney also plans to begin its phased opening of Walt Disney World Resort’s Disney Springs on May 20. However, none of the parks in California or Florida have official reopening dates.

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Shanghai Disneyland plans to increase the number of guests it allows in the park by 5,000 each week.

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