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Billy Batson has had a history with name changes in the comics. However, in recent memory, the character has gone by the name, Shazam.

However, that is subject to change, according to DC’s own Geoff Johns, the man behind the name change. In a live Q&A on DC Universe‘s Forums, the Shazam writer mentioned a possible reversion to the character’s classic name. When asked if the superhero will ever go by “Captain Marvel” again, Johns stated, “His name was changed to Shazam years ago – maybe he’ll go by Captain Marvel again! That’s certainly what Superboy-Prime calls him coming up in the series!”

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Given Superboy-Prime’s unique status as a Multiverse traveler, it makes sense that he would still refer to Batson by his original, and arguably his most famous alias. It may not be the complete reversion fans might have been hoping for, but it may show that the passions fans have for the World’s Mightiest Mortal has not fallen on deaf ears.

Originally conceived as Captain Thunder, the character instead debuted as Captain Marvel in 1940. That was the name he used for most of his history, even after Marvel introduced its own Captain Marvel. This changed with DC’s New 52, which saw his name changed to Shazam.

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DC Comics' Geoff Johns acknowledged the possibility that Shazam might regain his Captain Marvel moniker one day.

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