She-Ra's Noelle Stevenson Discusses Spinnerella's Transformation

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5, streaming now on Netflix.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power centers around more than just the titular She-Ra but a whole host of allies. The Princesses each have their own unique role, although some of them have played more minor roles, such as the happily wedded Spinnerella and Netossa. But both of them get more importance in the final season of the series, for some specific reasons.

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Noelle Stevenson has multiple positions in She-Ra, including executive producer, showrunner, writer and even the voice of Spinnerella. Typically a soft-spoken and kindly young woman, she’s frequently seen beside her wife, Netossa, in previous seasons.  Taking on the part has always been unique among Stevenson’s creative experience.

“It’s so interesting, because I’m not an actor,” she told CBR. “Definitely not on the caliber that everyone on our cast is, it’s so amazing seeing our cast playing these parts. It was very intimidating for me to enter this role and play off these incredible actors. I think that the insecurity of that definitely impacted the way I wrote Spinnerella in the past. It’s a little weird to be writing something and then be like ‘I’m going to have to read this, I’m going to have to sell this.'”

However, during the course of the fifth season, Spinnerella is the first of the Princesses to be infected with Hordak-Prime’s control chips. She’s uncovered fairly quickly but unleashes her full power against the rest of the Princesses — turning the friendly young woman into a genuine and dangerous threat to her friends. Giving Spinnerella and Netossa their own specific story arc for the final season was a clear intention for Stevenson.

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“It came down to what brings out the most interesting aspects of these characters and, also, having to create tension. They have such a healthy, stable relationship. They’re so in love with each other, they’re always together, they’re never seen apart. And then they’re forced to be apart! I think that was the really exciting part, being able to play the zombie version of Spinnerella was really fun for me. It was my favorite part of voicing the character. She’s very controlled most of the time. She doesn’t really go berserk the way some of the other characters do, but when she’s possessed by Prime, she gets to go a little berserk.”

“Just being in this little [recording booth] and being able to scream my heart out was so much fun.” Stevenson also made sure to send a “huge shout-out to Krystal Joy Brown [who plays Netossa] and was so inspirational to me, and she’s an incredible person to act off of. We actually got to do most of our scenes together, and she gave me so much to use. There was just so much playing off of each other, and it really felt like the relationship between the two characters, it felt very real and very tangible.”

That work with Krystal Joy Brown was exactly the kind of thing Stevenson loved about the season, with Stevenson explaining that, “I think even more than wanting to spotlight Spinnerella this season, I wanted to spotlight Netossa because she’s a great character and is so interesting. Getting to give her her own personal arc where she needs to save her wife but also have to fight her… She sees her a little differently than the other princesses do. She trusts Spinnerella so much and believes in her ability to take anything that she can dish out, so she just wails on her — she doesn’t hold back at all. I love that, I love seeing their relationship in that light, all around.”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power stars Aimee Carrero, Karen Fukuhara, AJ Michalka, Marcus Scribner, Reshma Shetty, Lorraine Toussaint, Keston John, Lauren Ash, Christine Woods, Genesis Rodriguez, Jordan Fisher, Vella Lovell, Merit Leighton, Sandra Oh, Krystal Joy Brown and Jacob Tobia. Season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power showrunner Noelle Stevenson revealed what motivated Spinnerella's massive change in the fifth season.

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