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She-Ra’s fifth and final season premieres on May 15th, and fans are sharing their hopes, fears, and theories on what is to come. A new big-bad is on the scene, Glimmer and Catra are trapped in a spaceship, and it appears that Hordak’s memories may have been wiped. So, there is a lot going on!

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What we do know is that this season will be She-Ra’s last. There are a lot of character arcs to wrap up, relationships to repair or end, and an entire galaxy that needs saving. There are a lot of expectations! Here are five hopes and five fears that fans have for the upcoming new and finale season.

10 Hope: Hordak Is Redeemed

Hordak’s character development has been done startlingly well. He appeared to be your average evil cartoon villain at first, but it turns out that he actually is a tragic figure. He has been doing all his deeds to get the attention of Hordak Prime. He seeks acceptance and connection, however, he seeks it from a man who is evil.

His relationship with Entrapta really enriched his character. He no longer was a one-dimensional villain, and fans loved it. So many hope he will somehow be redeemed in the upcoming season.

9 Fear: Catra’s Fate

Catra is the most tragic character of the series. Every time you think she hits rock bottom, she somehow gets even worse. By the end of season four, she has pushed away everyone who has cared about her. She is truly alone.

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Fans have mixed feelings about what they want to happen with Catra. Some want her redeemed while others think she has done too much damage to be welcomed into the fold of the good guys. Whatever the case, there is a lot riding on her character and many are afraid of how her character conclusion will be handled.

8 Hope: Scorpia Will Reclaim Her Crown

Scorpia has become a fan-favorite for her sweet personality and for being a very unusual princess. Most of the princesses in She-Ra are about glitter, flowers, and other dainty aesthetics. Scorpia is different with her awkward claws and large stature. However, she is possibly the loyalist, most patient, and kind character in the series.

Fans are hoping she will reclaim her crown as a princess, and this seems pretty likely since she has joined the good guys.

7 Fear: Adora Or Glimmer Hooking Up With Bow

She-Ra has done great work with its LGBTQA+ characters from Bows two dads to Spinnerella and Netossa. None of the characters can be proven to be heterosexual and Double Trouble uses they/them pronouns. In a podcast interview the creator of the show, Noelle Stevenson even said the rainbow at the end of season one symbolized, “The gay agenda.”

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A lot of fans are hoping that Adora and Glimmer will get together as a couple. A minority want Adora or Glimmer and Bow to end up together. However, that would end in disaster for the shows’ main following and message.

6 Hope: Glimmer And Adora Reunite And Make-Up

Adora and Glimmers’ friendship was put through some major struggles in the fourth season. With her new role as queen, Glimmer was under a lot of stress and had trust issues. Adora would disobey her orders, and that did not help either. By the end, they are separated and Glimmer comes to the realization that she was the one in the wrong.

Fans hope Glimmer and Adora will reunite and get to make up for the damage they caused each other in the previous season.

5 Fear: Adora Getting Powerful Without Character Development

A major theme of She-Ra is fate versus choice. It is one all the characters have struggles with, especially Adora. In the upcoming season, fans want her to develop her own ideas and conclusions about fate and her role. Making realizations about herself and her role will be what makes her stronger.

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What is feared is that she will not develop in that way. She could just get another powerful item and use that instead of what is in her heart. Luckily though, this fear coming true is very unlikely.

4 Hope: Shadow Weaver Gets What She Deserves

Shadow Weaver has been a villain since the beginning. She has helped the good guys, but not without her own schemes and motivations. She was a horrible caretaker to Adora and Catra, and is a master manipulator.

Fans are hoping that she will get what is coming, be that death or imprisonment.

3 Fear: A Precious Character Dying

This is what all fans fear for any media: their favorite character dying. In finales, the chances of a character dying increases dramatically. In this final season, will we lose anyone? Obviously, some bad guys are going down. But will we possibly lose a precious character like Bow? Glimmer? Adora herself?

2 Hope: Learning More Character Backstories

There is always more to learn about the characters. Some of the most emotional scenes are from flashbacks, like the ones with Catra and Adora being raised in the Horde together.

We can still learn a lot about villains like Hordak, Hordak Prime, and Catra.

1 Fear: What Powers Does Hordak Prime Have?

Hordak Prime is the biggest unknown of the upcoming season. He is confident, merciless, and we have no idea what he is capable of. Apparently, he can wipe the minds, or at least have some manner of sway over his clones. We see him do that to Hordak.

Can he control others? What is his deal?

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She-Ra has been an excellent adventure so far! Here's a look at 5 hopes (& fears) we have concerning Season 5.

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