#SixFanarts Is Comics Twitter at Its Best | CBR

As the COVID-19 pandemic leaves people shuttered inside, many artists, professionals and fans have found a new outlet to express their creativity.

Artists are asking their fanbases  six fictional character suggestions to draw under the hashtag #SixFanarts. The fan requests span various movies, TV, comics, anime and other forms of popular media.

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The hashtag was started by artist Melissa Capriglione, who also came up with the template that artists use to draw their selected characters. Capriglione also said that other artists were welcome to repost and use the hashtag if they desire.

One good example of this hashtag is graphic artist Rafi de Sousa, who drew Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers from Supergirl; the New 52 versions of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy; Lexa from The 100; and another Supergirl character Red Daughter (a clone of Kara who grew up in Russia.)

Even professional artist Todd Nauck got into the action, drawing characters that fans suggested to him on Instagram. Nauck’s characters were April O’Neil from the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon; Jim Halpert from The Office; the Muppets’ Doctor Teeth; DC Comics’ Lobo; Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano; and Squirtle from Pokemon.

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The #SixFanarts hashtag on Twitter has taken off, allowing seasoned pros and aspiring artists to flex their artistic muscles.

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