Space Force: Steve Carell Learns How 'Space Is Hard' in New Trailer

A new trailer for Steve Carell’s Space Force introduces the motto for the upcoming Netflix original series.

As Carell’s General Mark R. Naird sits in a courtroom, he declares how it’s always been his dream to start something from the ground up. However, he then states, “But space is hard,” to which he is then told that his statement should become the new Space Force motto.

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The three-minute-long trailer reveals how Space Force is a new branch in the United States military created by the President. A surprised Naird learns he is going to be put in charge of Space Force, and he takes the news as well as you’d expect him to. From here, things devolve into complete chaos as we meet Space Force’s Social Media Manager, watch its recruitment of “heroes,” a vintage training montage, inspirational words from Naird’s daughter and an intense case of heat exhaustion from wearing a space suit.

Created by Greg Daniel and Steve Carell, Space Force stars Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers and Tawny Newsome. The series premieres May 29 on Netflix.

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Steve Carell learns the Space Force motto in a trailer for his upcoming Netflix original series.

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