Space Jam: Warner Bros Characters We Want to See in A New Legacy

The upcoming Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James recently received a title, Space Jam: A New Legacy. Everyone can expect James and classic characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to lace up for the Tune squad, but it seems some unexpected characters are also in store. Leaks from the set revealed a wide array of Warner Bros. characters would make an appearance in the film including Joker, The Mask, Pennywise, Voldemort and The Wicked Witch of the West.

Considering how many properties Warner Bros. owns, this opens up a lot of possibilities for who could be in the film. With the floodgates open for even R-rated WB characters to appear in the movie, here are some other characters we’d like to make an appearance.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force follows three anthropomorphic food items through their daily adventures. Any of these wacky characters could play off well against the Looney Tunes, but Frylock would particularly stand out. He constantly pushes his inventions onto other people and insists he’s smarter than everyone. His clashes with the other characters could lead to some funny antics.

His need to feel superior would conflict with the fact an order of French fries would have a hard time playing basketball. He’d give himself the difficult task of trying to be in charge while trying to not get eaten. His language would need to be toned down from his Adult Swim days since the film will likely go for a PG rating, but there’s plenty of other ways he could get under people’s skin.

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This one probably feels like a weird pick for a sports movie, but that might work for Space Jam. Not exactly known for his athletic prowess, Gandalf would be unlikely to make an appearance on the court. He would, however, be the best coach ever. He’d easily be the wisest character and lead a team with Phil Jackson-like Zen. Other than LeBron, he might very well command the most respect of the cast.

Let’s not forget he’s a wizard whose powers would be enhanced in the Looney Tunes world. If Michael Jordan could make his arm stretch across half the court, imagine what Gandalf could do! Having him cross someone up or dunk on an iconic character would bound to get a lot of laughs purely out of shock value.

While the rights to the character have gone back to Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. still owns distribution rights to the film trilogy starring Wesley Snipes. He famously left the franchise frustrated, but he technically revived the character for an episode of What We Do in the Shadows. Who knows what he’d be down for?

Blade could work because his seriousness would clash with everyone else. Other than Pennywise, the characters leaked so far have at some point been written for a younger audience. The Blade movies were written for mature audiences. Blade’s dark and serious demeanour would be a massive clash with the Looney Tunes slapstick humor. He’d make a fantastic straight man to feed into the wackiness of everyone else.

Warner Bros. likely owns the rights to your favorite ’90s sitcom: its library includes Friends, Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and many more. The ’90s star that would fit in best with the Looney Tunes is definitely Steve Urkel. He’s super intelligent and full of heart, but also a walking disaster. Being accident-prone has led to a lot of messy situations for himself and those around him. Combine that with his general demeanor and iconic catchphrase and he fits right in with the rest of the Looney Tunes.

So many people are going to watch this movie purely out of ’90s nostalgia, so why not add an iconic character from the ’90s? Destruction of property comes to him easily, but he can make impressive inventions. He could lots of problems, but also creatre solutions.

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While it’s not as well-remembered as some other early 2000s cartoons, Xialolin Showdown maintains a small following and is recognizable to anyone who’s seen it. The series followed four Xiaolin warriors in training as they protect ancient artifacts from forces of evil. The most recognizable character is Omi, the confident self-proclaimed leader of the group who trained in the Xiaolin arts his whole life.

Like others on his list, his skill and self-seriousness would clash with many cast members, but he’s hard to take seriously at first. Additionally, he often doesn’t understand the world outside of where he was raised. This lack of cultural knowledge would easily make him the butt of a lot of jokes.

Megas XLR was probably ahead of its time. The show focused on two guys, Coop and Jamie, who find a mecha robot from the future in a junkyard and replace the head with a muscle car. They use the machine to defend Earth from an alien race.

The show gamer culture front and center, even using a controller to pilot the machine. Coop, Jamie and the original pilot, Kiva, have plenty of experience fighting aliens, which puts them in the perfect position for the scenario of Space Jam. The big obstacle to getting the Megas crew included, beyond their obscurity, is that Cartoon Network did a tax write-off on the series, making any potential revival a legal minefield.

Through its Japanese division, Warner Bros. owns the rights to a few anime. One of them is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which has recently surged in popularity. It’s notable that the leaked characters so far are movie villains, so it would make sense to introduce a big villain American audiences are less familiar with.

In the original film, Looney Tunes was still a show in Michael Jordan’s world. It’d be boring if Lebron James defeated the Wicked Witch of the West because he saw The Wizard of Oz as a kid. Dio, in contrast, might be more unfamiliar to James and thus more threatening. His over-the-top nature makes him a perfect villain for Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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A leaked revealed various Warner Bros characters will make an appearance in Space Jam: A New Legacy. This opens the doors for many opportunities.

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