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Todd McFarlane has released a Kickstarter to support the re-release of the first-ever Spawn action figure.

The Kickstarter features a remastered version of the very first Spawn figure, which itself is based on Spawn’s first comic book appearance in 1992. The Kickstarter features four tiers: “Classic Spawn”, which features Spawn in his classic costume; “Modern Spawn,” which features Spawn’s scarred and stitched together face, a black and white “Artist Proof” figure and a 3-pack with three heads: Spawn’s human form, the Classic mask and a “Screaming Artist Proof” that features Spawn’s face twisted in a horrifying grimace.

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All tiers feature a 7-inch tall figure, complete with a huge folding cape and weapon. The figure will also feature over 20 points of articulation and a new edition of Spawn #1 with a new cover by McFarlane. All figures come with a resealable clamshell package, allowing collectors to take out their figures for display as well as return them back to the package.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has surpassed its goal of $100,000, which it reached in less than an hour.

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Created by Todd McFarlane and published by Image Comics, Spawn focuses on mercenary Al Simmons, who after his death, makes a deal with the devil and finds himself empowered with eldritch powers. Under McFarlane’s guidance, Spawn has become the longest-running independent comic by a single creator.

Todd McFarlane recently launched a Kickstarter to remaster the first-ever Spawn action figure, which comes in four different options.

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