Spider-Man's PS4 Velocity Suit May Become His Most Powerful MCU Costume

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man provided PlayStation 4 players with enough outfits to dress Peter Parker for every occasion. While some were simply nostalgic throwback looks, the Iron Spider costume certainly brought back sad memories of Avengers: Infinity War, but the Velocity suit really had gamers on the edge of their seats.

Designed by acclaimed comic book artist and conceptual designer Adi Granov, the armored costume dazzled with its metallic combination of red and gray, the slick silver visors over the eyes, and a glowing, pronounced spider symbol on the chest. The suit looked the part and acted it, too, as its Blitz power gave him bursts in speed and momentum-transfer takedowns on hid rogues.

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Indisputably, the Velocity suit’s novelty made it even more appealing. Since it was created for the game, it brought something new to a character who has worn many different costumes throughout the decades. Plus, it was the one suit that truly captured the essence of the game where players demanded frenetic and fast-paced gameplay. Once its effects were activated, any other costume was a hard sell.

Realizing the popularity of the suit and the game it debuted in, Marvel released a tie-in comic book miniseries titled Spider-Man: Velocity by Dennis Hallum and Emilio Laiso in 2019. The five-issue run explained the events that led to Parker creating the high-powered suit and showcased even more of its abilities. More importantly, the miniseries made fans hungrier to see this suit cross over into the main canon.

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Naturally, fans were delighted to see the Velocity suit appear as an Easter egg in Spider-Man: Far From Home, with many wondering how long it’ll be until it makes its full-fledged debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering how Tom Holland’s Spidey embraces technology, it isn’t a far-fetched or unrealistic expectation, especially since he’s already seen that it was one of several suit designs that Tony Stark sketched out before his death.

Unlike other cinematic versions of the web-head, the MCU’s Spidey has an extensive wardrobe connected to the Internet of Things. Every appearance has seen the character zip into other gear as he chooses the appropriate tech-enhanced outfit for battle.

With Stark now deceased in the MCU, there will be a need for another technologically inclined superhero, which is where Spider-Man steps in. The red and blue suit will always be considered the standard for the character, but it wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility to see the Velocity suit to appear as the game-changer in the MCU’s third Spider-Man film.

Director Jon Watts has said that he’d love to include Kraven the Hunter in the third movie. As a powerful and fast predator, Kraven has taken down many Marvel heroes in regular hand-to-hand combat. His enhanced physical abilities and sharp senses make him a nightmare to face in a fair fight, forcing every combatant to think of a different way to square off against the wild man with an affinity for leopard print.

Knowing Holland’s Spider-Man, he’s likely to rush into his first battle with Kraven and get smacked around like a bug. A moment will arrive when he realizes the need for (enhanced) speed to keep up with the hunter, which could pave the way for the Velocity suit’s introduction. By putting it on, the web-slinger could even the playing field against Kraven and keep himself from being turned into Kraven’s trophy.

From Captain America proving his worthiness, to the return of J. K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, the MCU has a tendency to give the fans what they want. There are plenty of fans who want to see the Velocity suit from Spider-Man make the leap onto the big screen, and the MCU is the perfect place where that could happen in a cool, innovative way.

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Spider-Man's video game Velocity suit is incredibly popular, and it could become the hero's most important costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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