Spider-Man: 5 DC Heroes Doc Ock Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

Doc Ock is one of the most powerful (and smartest) villains that Spider-Man is tasked to defeat. In fact, in Spider-Man 2 our beloved hero doesn’t even actually defeat him. Doc Ock outmatches and is far superior than him in every way which makes him a villain to be reckoned with.

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The smart and kind-natured scientist Otto Octavius is too smart for his own good. When the robotic tentacles are equipped, he is a seemingly unstoppable force. Which makes him that much more difficult for DC heroes when facing against some of the most powerful in the DC Universe. 

10 COULD DEFEAT: Nightwing

Nightwing, Dick Grayson, is the hero we all wish we could be. After years alongside Batman as Robin, Dick Grayson branched out and became Nightwing. Against Doc Ock, Robin and Batman as a team could’ve defeated the villain, but just Nightwing alone could not.

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It takes a super-powered DC hero to be able to stop the octopus-villain and Nightwing possesses no powers besides special skills that he acquired through his training as Robin.

9 WOULD LOSE: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman not only possesses the powers of the Gods, but she has abilities that she acquired on her own through her years of upbringing amongst the Amazon. Throughout the comics, Wonder Woman faces villains much more fearful and more powerful than anything Doc Ock could be.

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Whether it’s her super-powered bracelets or her whip that’s been kissed by the Gods, Wonder Woman would defeat the several-armed villain.

8 COULD DEFEAT: Black Canary

Black Canary is one of the more powerful heroes in the DC Universe as seen in the comics and Birds of Prey, but her sonic scream could never defeat the highly intelligent Doc Ock. As compared to Spider-Man, Black Canary resembles some fantastic abilities that match the hero.

However, as previously stated, Spider-Man’s abilities were not enough to defeat the villain and overall Black Canary would run into the same problems.


One of Doc Ock’s main abilities is to stop quick heroes in their tracks by extending his arms wide to catch the quick heroes. However, could he stop Flash? Flash is so fast that Doc Ock would have trouble keeping track of him and would fall victim to the ultra-quick lightning produced from the hero.

The matchup would be an exciting one to watch, but overall Flash is simply much too fast for the villain that would be playing catch-up the entire time.


A hero who fights in the night. One who is good underneath a hard, black shell. Doc Ock would respect Bruce Wayne’s intelligence and drive and would possibly even try to turn Batman to side with him. However, if it came down to it, Doc Ock would surely win this battle.

Both are fueled by their creations and both have special powers to control them, but Doc Ock is much faster and has a wider reach than Batman.

5 WOULD LOSE: Aquaman

One of Doc Ock’s main weaknesses is water because, besides the bionic arms, he’s still a living, breathing human. If Doc Ock drowns, then the arms die with him. Aquaman would definitely use his water abilities to his advantage here and ultimately drown the villain.

All in all, it would only take the Demigod a quick trip to the ocean to stop the many-armed man.


This would be a phenomenal matchup to watch because Beast Boy could turn into a massive octopus himself. However, what would separate the two is Doc Ock’s abilities to act like a human and a tentacle creature at the same time.

The next question that arises is could Beast Boy turn into a far superior animal that could defeat the mad scientist? Quite possibly, but we have to assume that the two would duke it out in a many-armed brawl.

3 WOULD LOSE: Zatanna

Doc Ock is great in hand-to-hand combat and even controlling his victims from great distances, but would definitely find it difficult to circumnavigate around Zatanna’s magical abilities. Her powers in telekinesis and telepathy would play a major role in confusing the already highly mentally disturbed villain.

Ultimately, she would play on Otto Octavius’ weaknesses and use his lack of control over the extremely powerful arms to her advantage through magical ability.

2 COULD DEFEAT: Green Arrow

The quick and precise shot of Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) would pose to be a problem but is simply not powerful or diverse enough to stop Doc Ock. As seen with facing Spider-Man, Doc Ock is able to block most of his webs and the same result would happen with arrows.

One of Doc Ock’s specialties is to pinpoint a quick-moving foe and stop them in their tracks, and he would definitely be able to stop Green Arrow.

1 WOULD LOSE: Superboy

As a product of Superman’s abilities, Superboy would reign victor in this battle. His abilities of flight and psychokinesis are something Doc Ock would not be able to figure out how to combat easily. The human-octopus is extremely intelligent and would ultimately devise a way how to stop the DC hero, but in a cold battle against him would definitely lose.

Overall, it takes much more than a skilled hand in hand-to-hand combat to defeat Doc Ock and Superboy absolutely harnesses much more than Otto can handle.

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As one of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies, Doc Ock makes every battle a challenge. If he were to battle DC's best heroes, who would win?

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