Spider-Man: 5 DC Heroes Sandman Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

Sandman is one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes. He was the fourth villain ol’ Webhead encountered in Amazing Spider-Man #4. Since then, he’s been a part of the Sinister Six and, for a time, a reserve member of the Avengers.

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Thanks to the ability to manipulate his body’s structure into sand, Flint Marko has defeated Spidey numerous times. Yet, if he was transported into the DC Comics universe, who could he easily defeat and who would defeat him? For the answer, here are 5 DC heroes Sandman could defeat and 5 he would lose to.

10 Would Lose To: Sand

Sandy Hawkins is a formidable opponent against Sandman in his current form. When reintroduced in the 1999 JSA series, it turned out he could transform into sand or another form of silica. Like Marko, Sandy could harden his form for invulnerability and dissipate to reform in another location.

Sand has two advantages over the Marvel villain that would cause his defeat. One is his ability to travel within the earth’s core, which means the element of surprise. Second is his skill set. As a sidekick to the original Sandman, Sandy learned how to fight by battling criminals of the 1940s.

9 Would Defeat: Flash

One would think the Scarlet Speedster could handily defeat the Sandman of Earth-616. He is (or was) the fastest man on Earth. He has the Speed Force to pull from. Overall, Barry Allen could disperse Flint’s sand particles across the globe.

These are all true, but they wouldn’t happen until Flash encountered Sandman the second time. On the first go-around, Flint would blind Barry in a sandstorm and smack him around with the silica forms of various weapons. Then, when the Flash tried to knock Sandman out by forming a vortex, Flint would create an opposite-turning funnel to deplete Barry’s oxygen.

8 Would Lose To: Superman

Heat vision and super-breath. This is how Sandman would be defeated by the Man of Steel. Supes would use his breath powers to separate Flint’s sand particles, similar to what Flash would do when he smartened up.

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The other way Kal could defeat Marko is with his heat vision. This would turn Sandman into Glassman. Granted, Marko can still operate in that form, but it takes him longer to convert back to his base. Realizing this, Superman would utilize his freeze breath to cover Sandman in an icy prison.

7 Would Defeat: Plastic Man

Remember when you got sand in your Silly Putty? You couldn’t completely clean it off. Then, the sand embedded in the putty caused it to stiffen.

This is why Marko would quickly defeat Plastic Man. The stretchable hero could turn himself into a solid box to stop Marko. Yet, Sandman would escape through the cracks and gum up the works. So, Plas would remain in one form until someone washed him down.

6 Would Lose To: Batman

Batman wouldn’t defeat Marko using an explosive Batarang. Nor would he do so by fighting him. While Bats is strong, he couldn’t stop a pummeling by Sandman and his fast-moving arms. No, the Caped Crusader’s brain would defeat the villain.

He might take a page from Spider-Man’s book on defeating Sandman. In this case, it entails Marko being covered by a fast-acting concrete solution. In seconds, Sandman would begin to stiffen to the point he couldn’t move. From there, Batman would send him to Blackgate to stay in a concrete cell.

5 Would Defeat: Green Arrow

Seriously, what can Ollie do to defeat a villain made of sand? Not much with his current set of arrows. Those simple weapons go right through Marko, who would knock Green Arrow down with one swipe of a sand-made mace.

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Now, if this was a few decades ago, Ollie could use some well-placed exploding arrows to destabilize Sandman’s structure and follow it up with a sonic arrow or something similar to stop him from reforming. However, those days are past, so, Ollie would be defeated even before he could alert the Justice League.

4 Would Lose To: Brainiac 5

Like Batman, Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes would use his brains instead of brawn. to defeat Marko. The simplest is to place Sandman in his force shield. Brainy could keep him there until the Science Police took him to Takron-Galtos.

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance of an escape and Sandman’s return to Earth to enact vengeance. So, what Brainiac 5 could do is find the one particle of silica in Marko’s body that contains his intelligence. Once isolated, it could be removed through one of Brainy’s machines or a Legionnaire like Shrinking Violet. Unable to talk or move, Marko would be ready for a quiet life on the prison planet.

3 Would Defeat: Nightwing

Dick Grayson is smart but not as smart as his mentor. Still, he’s great with the fighting and the technology. Hence, he could probably keep Marko occupied for a time. At least until Batman or another member of the Bat Family came to assist.

Thing is, Nightwing is a talker who likes to make jokes. Sandman constantly fights this type of hero all the time in the form of one Wall-Crawler. Frankly, he’s tired of it, and he would transform his arms into various weapons to shut Dick up.

2 Would Lose To: Sandman

Going to battle with Dream would certainly be a challenge for Marko. Also known as Morpheus and Sandman, Dream is one of the Endless that controls the Realm of Dreams. There’s a good chance he would use this ability to throw Sandman into a world of horrific visions.

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Of course, he may decide to be benevolent with the villain. He could correct whatever happened in the past to make Marko whole again. In this form, Dream would defeat Sandman by restoring his humanity and conscience.

1 Would Defeat: Sandman (Wesley Dodds)

Wesley Dodd’s ability to predict crimes through prophetic dreams may get him to Sandman. However, it wouldn’t tell him how to defeat the villain. Frankly, using his sleeping gas gun on Marko probably wouldn’t do a lick of good.

Needless to say, the first incarnation of Sandman would be defeated. How that would happen is undetermined. Marko could easily pound him to the ground. Then again, he may find Wesley so sad that we would laugh in his face and walk away, causing the Golden Age hero to leave in humiliation.

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Sandman is one of Spider-Man's most formidable villains but how would the baddie fare against the heroes of the DC universe?

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