Spider-Man: 5 DC Heroes Sandman Would Get Along With (And 5 He Would Hate)

The Sandman is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and greatest villains. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #4, Sandman would later go on to be a founding member of the Sinister Six. Sandman would also be one of the first Spider-Man villains to appear in the movies, appearing in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, where he teamed with Venom to take down the Wall-Crawler.

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Despite his history of teaming up with villains, Sandman sometimes has a heart of gold. He’s worked alongside Spider-Man in the past and was even an Avenger once. If Sandman ever found himself in the DC universe, he would click with some heroes while others he wouldn’t. So, here’s a look at five DC heroes Sandman would get along with and five he would hate.

10 Get Along: Booster Gold

Booster Gold’s career got off to an auspicious start, as he stole his superhero gear and a Time Sphere from the 25th-century museum he was working at and time-traveled to the 20th century to become a superhero while profiting off of his heroics.

Over time, Booster matured to become a noble hero, with some bumps along the way. The Sandman knows a thing or two about bumps on the path of turning from villain to hero, so the two would bond over the journey while occasionally making a buck or two off of some future knowledge.

9 Would Hate: Sandman

No, not that Sandman. Besides the Lord of Dreams, DC has another Sandman – several in fact. The first and most notable Sandman was Wesley Dodds, one of the earliest DC superheroes and an original member of the Justice Society of America. Over the years a few others have taken on the moniker of Sandman as well.

It wouldn’t matter who’s under the Sandman gas mask, the Marvel Sandman would hate having to reinvent himself in the DC universe. Sometimes the littlest things can push someone over the edge, and a thing like not being able to use his name could cause Sandman to resort to his villainous ways.

8 Get Along: Guy Gardner

There’s no way around it – Guy Gardner is a jerk. Guy’s gotten better over the years, but the thing he’s arguably best known for is challenging Batman to a fight…and getting knocked out in one punch…and his teammates being happy about it.

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As a former member of the Sinister Six, Sandman has experience working with jerks and would be able to see through Guy’s bravado. Sure, some sand punches may be thrown and some ring constructs may be used, but at the end of the day Sandman and Guy would end up at a dive bar drinking beers till closing time.

7 Would Hate: Batman

Speaking of the Caped Crusader, Batman is known for many things, among them is trust issues. Batman famously has contingency plans in place for taking out his fellow superheroes should the need ever arise, then not telling them about them and having those plans fall into enemy hands like in the JSA comic Tower of Babel.

If Sandman ever appeared in the DC universe it wouldn’t take the Dark Knight long to find about Sandman’s criminal past. As such, Batman would give him the cold shoulder while simultaneously keeping tabs on him. Sandman, in turn, would either happily keep his distance or give Batman a reason not to like him and outright attack him.

6 Get Along: Clayface

While Batman may have trust issues, to his credit he has shown the ability to work past them. A perfect example of this is with Clayface. Traditionally Clayface has been one of Batman’s villains, but in recent years Batman brought on Clayface to his team, realizing he needs treatment more than imprisonment.

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Thanks to their mutual powers of shapeshifting, Clayface and Sandman would instantly hit it off. The two could compare and contrast the differences between sand and clay and the pros and cons of being able to turn into these objects, as few others can relate.

5 Would Hate: Red Tornado

The android Red Tornado is a fan favorite in the DC universe. Sharing some similarities to the Vision, the major difference between the two is that Red Tornado creates tornadoes thanks to the cyclone force winds he is able to manufacture.

While Sandman wouldn’t inherently have a problem with Red Tornado, strong winds and sand do not go well together. If Red Tornado caught Sandman unprepared he could scatter him all over the place. Sandman would eventually be able to pull himself together, but it would take a while to do so and Sandman would hate him for that.

4 Get Along: Green Arrow

Green Arrow shares more than a few similarities with fellow powerless vigilante Batman. But while the two share similar backgrounds and methods, that doesn’t mean they always see eye to eye.

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Part of the reason that Green Arrow would get along with Sandman is that it would piss Batman off. Sure, Green Arrow would find Sandman’s skills useful and their personalities would likely mesh well, but knowing that Batman doesn’t like Sandman would bring a smile to the Emerald Archer’s face if he brought him on a mission the two were working.

3 Would Hate: Firestorm

Firestorm isn’t typically thought of as one of the most powerful DC characters, but he absolutely is. For a period of time he was known as “Firestorm the Nuclear Man,” as he can rearrange the molecular structures of any substance into virtually anything else while creating different atomic structures of equal mass.

His power nearly proved fatal, as during Doomsday Clock he accidentally turned a group of civilians into glass. Sandman himself has been turned into glass in the past thanks to a gun Doctor Octopus created. Being turned into glass via gun created by science is one thing, but a guy who can do that anytime, whether by accident or not, is someone Sandman would hate.

2 Get Along: Plastic Man

Plastic Man is a former criminal turned hero. Despite his crooked past, Plastic Man has seen himself land on DC’s premier super-team, the Justice League. While Sandman himself was a former Avenger, he was only a reserve member and never made the official roster, and would later slide back into crime.

Having suffered the highs lows of crook turned champion, the stretchy hero could help Sandman navigate the road to redemption in the DC universe while having a laugh or two along the way. And if a crooked caper happened to come their way, neither would object.

1 Would Hate: Aquaman

Sand and water don’t mix. So despite his heroism, there’s simply no way that Sandman would like Aquaman.

If Sandman got caught up in an Aquaman caused tidal wave it could take weeks to pull himself back together. Plus the tide is the number one killer of perfectly crafted sandcastles. The two would be forever enemies.

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Spider-Man's classic villain (and occasional hero) Sandman would be an interesting addition to DC comics, but which heroes would he love or hate?

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