Spider-Man: 5 DC Villains Doc Ock Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man‘s earliest enemies. Since their first meeting, Doc Ock has courted Peter’s Aunt May, led countless variations of the Sinister Six, and took over the Wall-Crawler’s body for nearly a year. To put it succinctly, the Doctor has been a pain in Spidey’s posterior.

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Because he’s a scientist, there’s a good chance Otto could create a temporal portal to jump to a parallel universe. Since the DC universe is a neighbor, he could land on Earth-Prime. Here, he needs to deal with a fresh set of villains. The question is, which ones could he destroy, and which ones would destroy him?

It’s not due to an intelligence factor. Leonard Snart, known as the Flash baddie Captain Cold, is smart enough. After all, he created a freeze gun on his own.

Otto would be defeated by this DC villain due to said freeze gun. Some well-placed shots would either immobilize Doc Ock’s arms or his head. Both are needed together for things to work. Additionally, Leonard can freeze the ground around Otto and cause him to slip.


There’s no doubt Cheetah is a warrior, Anyone who can battle Wonder Woman to a standstill certainly deserves the label. However, that’s fighting hand-to-hand. Doc Ock has several more to use.

Sure, Cheetah is incredibly agile. But is she flexible enough to withstand a barrage of steel arms coming her way? Mechanisms that work as fast as Otto’s brain can move them? It’s a challenge, and that’s why she would lose.

8 LOSE TO: Black Adam

One word: magic. Teth-Adam has some mighty strong magic on his side. It gives him powers that almost match his occasional nemesis, Shazam. That’s hard to beat when you only have metal appendages.

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Granted, Otto could use his intelligence to come up with something. It would be too late, though. Black Adam can simply rip the arms from Otto’s back. In turn, the Doctor’s synapses would misfire and cause a breakdown.


This was a tough one, but it came down to who is crazier. We know the Joker is truly insane. He’ll injure or kill someone on a whim, yet he can lose control when things get stressful.

On the other hand, Otto’s head has gotten straighter since he occupied Peter Parker’s body. He has a different attitude and an ability to see things clearly instead of through a mist of anger and disorientation. In the end, Doc Ock would give Joker a run for his money.

6 LOSE TO: Time Trapper

No matter how smart Otto is, defeating the Time Trapper is a long shot. The guy manipulates time. He can make Doc Ock an old man or a baby, or could even fling him into a pocket universe where only he and Superboy-Prime exist. He would be dead the moment he entered the Boy of Steel’s house.

No, the Doc’s a goner if he enters the Trapper’s realm. The only way he could convince the other not to eliminate him from the time stream is to strike a deal. Even then, the Trapper could still kill him because he felt like it.

5 COULD DEFEAT: Black Manta

Some people believe Black Manta is an Atlantean. Actually, he’s an orphan who grew up liking water. He’s powerful only when he wears his helmet and travels in his, well, manta boat.

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He does have enhanced strength, but it’s not a match for Otto’s power. Since Manta can’t telepathically call the denizens of the seas to assist him when in trouble, Doc Ock would defeat him with a couple of well-placed smashes to his helmet.

4 LOSE TO: Lex Luthor

There’s intelligence, and then there’s super-intelligence. Lex Luthor has the latter. He’s not brilliant. He’s a word the English language hasn’t made up yet. This means Otto is out of luck.

Sure, his command of the robot arms is powerful. However, Lex could shut them down in about five minutes. He’s the MacGyver of the villain world, and a couple of blasts would end Otto’s run as a super-villain. Then again, Luthor pays well, so it’s likely the Doctor would be employed through LexCorp.

3 COULD DEFEAT: Sportsmaster

Maybe Sportsmaster would win if he went against Green Goblin. His exploding sports equipment versus the Goblin’s pumpkin bombs would at least put the two in a stalemate, but it won’t work with Doc Ock.

Sportsmaster doesn’t have any superpowers. He’s simply a man with above-average skills and sports-themed weapons. Otto’s arms can easily deflect what Sportsmaster throws at him. In the end, it would be a one-sided battle.

2 LOSE TO: Catwoman

First, Otto would be dazzled by Catwoman’s style. Second, he would be outwitted by Selina’s agility. Though not a metahuman, she has enough experience as an anti-hero to evade many dangers through flexibility.

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Frankly, if she’s too quick for even Batman, she’s that for a slight and portly man like Otto. Yes, he can use his robot arms to make leaps across a city skyline. Nevertheless, he can’t easily hide. Selina does, and she would strike when Otto wasn’t paying attention.

1 COULD DEFEAT: Scarecrow

There is no competition here. The Scarecrow could spray all the fear gas he wanted in Otto’s direction. He would take it in, enjoy its lavender aroma, and move forward to defeat the Gotham City criminal.

What does Dock Ock have to be afraid of? He’s constantly in pain because mechanical arms are fused to his body, and he has to battle Spider-Man regularly. Plus, he can’t find suits with enough holes in the back of the jacket. He deals with fear all the time.

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Doc Ock is an incredibly powerful villain in the Marvel universe, but how would he stack up against DC villains?

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