Spider-Man: 5 DC Villains Doc Ock Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

When people think of Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, they usually think of Green Goblin, but the argument can be made for Doctor Octopus. While he’s never killed anyone Spider-Man loved, he’s brought together Spider-Man’s greatest villains in the Sinister Six and was able to defeat Spider-Man and take over his body, proving that he was a superior Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

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Doc Ock is a villain that works well with others, as seen by his time with multiple incarnations of the Sinister Six. However, just because he can work with some villains doesn’t mean he’s able to work with any villain. This list is going to look at some villains he’d get along from the DC Universe and other ones he’d hate.

10 Would Get Along With: Mister Freeze

Fueled by the tragedy of his wife’s terminal disease, Mister Freeze has to live in a cryogenic suit because of a lab accident that changed his physiology. The proceeds of the crimes he commits goes to trying to find a cure for his wife’s terminal illness, which makes him very sympathetic.

As fellow scientists, the two men would have a lot in common right off the bat and would gel well together.

9 Would Hate: Dr Sivana

The greatest enemy of the superhero Shazam, Dr. Sivana is fiendishly intelligent… but he’s also stark raving mad. If one was to Google image search mad scientists, a picture of Dr. Sivana should come up as the first result.

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While they are both men of science, Sivana’s madness would grate on Doctor Octopus immediately. It’s not that Doc Ock hasn’t worked with insane folks before, but Sivana takes it a fair bit farther than Ock is used to dealing with.

8 Would Get Along With: T.O. Morrow

One of the most brilliant creators of robots and androids in the DC Universe, T.O. Morrow is responsible for the creation of Amazo, a robot capable of copying the powers of anyone it comes into contact with, and Red Tornado, an android who was able to overcome its programming and become more than Morrow ever imagined. He considers both a triumph for different reasons.

Morrow is definitely smarter than Ock but Ock would feel like he could learn something from Morrow, so he would get along with him.

7 Would Hate: Mordru

A Lord of Chaos, Mordru is a very powerful mystical being. He’s a generational threat in the DC Universe, bedeviling heroes in the present and the future. Basically a cosmic being with magical powers, there are few who can withstand his might one on one.

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As a scientist, Doc Ock wouldn’t like working with someone like Mordru. Not because of his magical skill- magic doesn’t bother Ock. It’s Mordru’s status as a Lord of Chaos that Ock couldn’t stand. If there’s anything that Doc Ock doesn’t like, it’s chaos.

6 Would Get Along With: Two-Face

Two-Face is all about the duality of life. Hideously scarred along one side of his body, he makes decisions with the flip of a coin. Dangerous and cunning, Two-Face is one of Gotham City’s most feared criminals.

Doc Ock is used to dealing with individuals of questionable sanity as part of the Sinister Six, so Two-Face’s mental problems wouldn’t bother him. He’d respect Two-Face’s intelligence and planning skill and they’d make a good team.

5 Would Hate: The Joker

Ock may be used to dealing with crazy folks but Joker is a little much. While Joker’s insanity makes him a deadly foe it also makes him near impossible to work with. The number of people who can control the Joker in a team-up situation can be counted on one hand.

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Joker’s insanity would just be too much for Doc Ock to deal with. He wouldn’t know how to use it to his advantage and the things would end very badly between the two of them.

4 Would Get Along With: Captain Cold

The de facto leader of the Rogues, the Flash’s group of enemies, Captain Cold is tough as nails. Using a cold gun that he invented all on his own, he’s proven over the years that he’s crafty enough to deal with the Flash and wrangle the Rogues into a formidable fighting force.

Ock would respect Cold’s abilities. While the two men have very different backgrounds, they both have excelled at taking on someone who is their superior and winning. They’ve both learned how to lead as well. They have a lot in common and that would set their relationship in good stead.

3 Would Hate: Reverse Flash

Hailing from the 25th century, Reverse Flash has taken his obsession with the Flash to the next level. At one point, he even traveled back in time and impersonated Barry Allen after Allen’s death. Just as fast and powerful as the Flash, Reverse Flash is a daunting adversary.

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Reverse Flash’s obsession with the Flash would make it so Doc Ock couldn’t use him for anything that didn’t involve going after the Flash. Ock would recognize how powerful he is, but the fact that he couldn’t harness him for his own ends would drive Ock crazy.

2 Would Get Along With: Bizarro

Bizarro has had several origins over the years- sometimes he’s the Superman of an alternate Earth full of beings like him, other times he’s a failed clone of Superman. Either way he’s a deformed backward version of Superman, as powerful as the Man of Steel.

Doc Ock would be able to use Bizarro’s childlike naiveté to his advantage, pointing Bizarro at his enemies and letting him loose.

1 Would Hate: Brainiac

A Coluan cyborg, Brainiac travels the cosmos, attacking planets and adding them to his collection then destroying the planets. Fiendishly intelligent and able to fight Superman to a standstill, Brainiac’s name is feared throughout the universe.

Teaming up with Brainiac never works out very well for anyone and Doc Ock would be no different on this account. He would hate the Coluan’s smug superiority and that would set the two at odds immediately.

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If Spider-Man villain Doc Ock moved from Marvel to DC, which villains would be on his team-up list?

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