Spider-Man: 5 DC Villains Mysterio Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Mysterio is one of Spider-Man’s most underrated villains, so it was about time he got the big screen treatment he deserved when he was played by Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Mysterio, real name Quentin Beck, was a failed actor who had a knack for special effects.

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When he failed to make it big in Hollywood, he turned to a life of crime, using his special effects skills and technology to create illusions and fake villains, “saving” people and “defeating” the villains to win praise and make Spider-Man look bad. He is often seen serving with the Sinister Six, where he is comfortable with teaming up with the likes of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and many others. But say he was in the DC Universe, who would he turn to then, and who would he definitely stay away from?

10 Would Get Along With: Clayface

Basil Karlo is much more similar to Mysterio than one would initially think. He’s the original version of Clayface, who is also a failed actor turned supercriminal. He was originally a scorned man who hated the fact that Hollywood was remaking a movie he starred in, but he eventually absorbed the powers of two other villains, which transformed him into the Clayface known today.

Besides the similarities of origin, Clayface’s powers are also extremely similar to Flint Marko, Mysterio’s longtime teammate, so the two would make a pretty good team.

9 Would Hate: Lex Luthor

Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially one who is literally the smartest person on Earth. While Mysterio begrudgingly works on the side of Doctor Octopus against Spider-Man on multiple occasions, the pompousness that Mysterio usually deals with when he’s with Otto would certainly increase tenfold as he deals with Lex.

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While Otto is shamelessly a full time supervillain, Lex still tries to create the persona of the humanitarian philanthropist to the outside world, and it would be highly unlikely he would work with a known villain like Mysterio, unless the two were to hatch up a plan similar to Mysterio’s first appearance.

8 Would Get Along With: Scarecrow

Another villain of the Caped Crusader, Jonathan Crane was a professor of psychology in Gotham City that used his experimental fear toxins on unsuspecting victims, revealing their greatest phobias and causing them to see things that aren’t actually there while he makes his great escape.

Using his special effects technology, Mysterio also creates false images and illusions to assist himself in the crimes he commits. If the fear toxins were mixed with Mysterio’s technology, it would truly be a terrifying day for anyone who had the misfortune of coming across them.

7 Would Hate: Darkseid

Honestly, it’s hard to find ANYONE that Darkseid would actually get along with, much less team up with. The ruler of Apokolips is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, fighting against the Justice League multiple times using the power of the Omega Force.

Mysterio would most likely never come into contact with Darkseid, as he is just way too powerful, not even close to being in Mysterio’s league. Besides, most of the illusions Mysterio makes, Darksied would most likely be able to actually do himself, without the use of technology. Even if he did need tech, the Motherbox would make all of Mysterio’s movie tech look like a pager.

6 Would Get Along With: Mad Mod

This guy, however, would get along perfectly with Mysterio. Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but is able to use technology to trap the Teen Titans in his own little world. He uses his cane to create holograms, hypnotize his enemies, and even give the illusion that he can change people’s ages.

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The fact that these two have the exact same shtick, paired with the fact that they are both incredibly dramatic, would make a truly mind-boggling team up for Spider-Man or the Titans.

5 Would Hate: Felix Faust

Felix Faust is definitely a lesser known DC character, but he deserves more praise. In the comic storyline Justice League Dark: The Black Room, the ancient sorcerer is obsessed with finding the Books of Magic. He gained his powers by selling his soul to demons multiple times, becoming empowered by them.

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As someone who uses technology to create the illusion of magic, it’s highly unlikely that the two would get along, considering Faust literally sold his soul to demons and Mysterio is able to replicate what he would probably consider a cheap copy of his powers.

4 Would Get Along With: Mirror Master

Another character who uses technology to create illusions, yet not in the way you would think. Evan McCulloch, inheriting the Mirror Master and gear from the original Sam Scudder, is able to use his technology to access the Mirror Dimension, an alternate plan of existence McCulloch uses to travel great distances simply by walking through reflections.

McCulloch is also able to use his gun to make himself appear much larger than he is and make tons of mirror copies of himself until The Flash can’t figure out who the original is, a trick Mysterio has used countless times against Spider-Man.

3 Would Hate: Black Spider

Of course Mysterio would not get along with Black Spider. He’s DC’s version of Spider-Man! In his original comic appearance, Eric Needham was a former heroin addict who tracks down drug dealers in Gotham City and murders them. This obviously put him at odds with Batman, but Spider thought they should work together, thinking they had the same goal. He eventually became a member of the Suicide Squad, yet often thought he was better than his teammates, as he only killed bad people.

In his appearances in the Young Justice television series, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was supposed to be evil Spider-Man. His appearance was much closer to Peter’s, and he even used technology to web the heroes up. It’s safe to say Mysterio wouldn’t team up with him anytime soon.

2 Would Get Along With: Abra Kadabra

If the Amalgam universe were to return, Mysterio and Abra Kadabra would be the perfect combination. Citizen Abra is a criminal from the 64th century who desperately wants to be a stage magician. Of course, the scientific advancements society has made by then make the parlor tricks of magic actually possible, so he turned to a life of crime instead, causing him to steal a time machine and fight The Flash.

Abra Kadabra doesn’t actually have any powers, nor was he taught by the countless sorcerers that call the DC Universe his home. He uses the technology from his time to commit crimes and achieve feats that would seemingly be impossible, which sounds very familiar to a certain villain with the head of a fishbowl.

1 Would Hate: Injustice Superman

Mysterio would 100% never work with IJ Superman purely because Superman would kill him the moment he found out about one of Mysterio’s heinous crimes. In the Old Man Logan storyline, Mysterio is Wolverine’s most devastating villain. Using his technology, he caused Wolverine to believe he was fighting villains, when in actuality he was slicing down his teammates, murdering every single one of the X-Men.

Sound familiar? If you’re a fan of Injustice, it should. Joker used Scarecrow’s fear toxins and pulled the exact same trick on Superman. Thinking he was fighting Doomsday, Superman beat the villain to a pulp and flew him to space, before realizing it was actually Lois Lane and their unborn child.

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Mysterio is one of Spider-Man's most iconic villains, but which DC villains would he want to team up with or leave behind?

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