Spider-Man: 5 DC Villains That Venom Can Beat (& 5 He’d Get Crushed By)

There’s no doubt about it – Venom is one of Marvel’s coolest antiheroes. With his scary prehensile tongue, gigantic jaws, and pointed teeth, he has dominated the pages comics books. Fans of Venom are very much looking forward to the second Venom film installment, the title of which has been recently revealed as Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

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While he began as a Spider-Man enemy, he has come up against many heroes and villains alike. Venom even made an appearance in DC/Marvel: All Access #1 fighting against Superman. Here are some DC villains he’d kick to the curb, and some he’d get absolutely crushed by.

10 WIN: Joker

Joker is perhaps DC’s best-known villain, and for good reason. His murderous tendencies, along with his twisted sense of humor, have made him a worthy archnemesis for the ever-popular Batman.

Despite his fame, Joker has no superhuman powers. Venom has a long list of abilities that would give him an unfair advantage over Joker including those he inherited from the symbiote’s time spent with Spider-Man like web-slinging and sticking to walls.

9 LOSE: Anti-Monitor

Anti-Monitor, one of DC’s most powerful villains, would have a massive advantage over Venom. While Venom has a pretty powerful set of skills that make beating some characters easy, he is often unable to beat even Spider-Man.

Up against Anti-Monitor, Venom wouldn’t stand a chance. Not only has Anti-Monitor destroyed thousands of universes, but he can also warp reality, absorb energy, and even resurrect himself.

8 WIN: Bane

Another of DC’s villains whom Venom would beat is Bane. While it would be an interesting fight for a while, Venom’s powers ultimately outrank Bane’s.

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Bane fashioned himself into the ultimate weapon with the help of a super-serum, which is funnily enough called Venom. While he obtained superhuman strength and healing capabilities from the serum, he requires a tank to dose him with it. Bane’s powers, however, are no match for Venom’s speed, strength & shapeshifting.

7 LOSE: Darkseid

Darkseid, the Demon God of Evil, is tremendously powerful. Not only does he possess superhuman speed and strength, but he has Omega Beams that can disintegrate matter or living beings. He also has the use of telepathy and can warp reality or teleport.

As if this wasn’t enough, he is able to drain the life force from others. DC has created some pretty all-powerful villains, and this is one that Venom simply doesn’t stand a chance against.

6 WIN: Lex Luthor

Despite being one of the smartest humans on earth, Lex Luthor would probably lose to Venom. While he has no superhuman powers, he does have a Warsuit which endows him with flight, superhuman strength, and durability. Granted, if Luthor had prep time to battle Venom it would definitely go differently. But in a random encounter? That’s another story.

At times, the suit gives him an edge against even Superman, but underneath the suit, he is only human. Any of Venom’s suit could get inside the warsuit and destroy it from the inside out.

5 LOSE: Doomsday

Doomsday is another of DC’s villains who would crush Venom. While Venom’s powers are impressive against the likes of Spider-Man and his pals, Doomsday is on another level.

Not only does Doomsday have superhuman strength, speed, and agility, with his regenerative abilities he is close to immortal. He doesn’t need to eat or sleep, as he has no internal organs, being made up of a solid mass. He can adapt and evolve to any threat. After all, he was able to kill Superman – although of course, he wasn’t really dead.

4 WIN: Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul is a DC villain who wouldn’t give Venom much trouble. Although he has a pretty cool title – “The Chief Demon” – he simply doesn’t boast any superhuman abilities. His combat skills are pretty impressive, and he has advanced knowledge of weaponry. He is given a prolonged lifespan thanks to the Lazarus Pits but has to travel to them to heal himself.

Arguably, given enough time, Ra’s Al Ghul could procure a weapon that would capitalize on one of Venom’s weaknesses. But in a hand-to-hand battle, Venom would absolutely destroy Ra’s Al Ghul.

3 LOSE: Nekron

One of DC’s creepier villains, Nekron, is a ruler of Hell and the manifestation of death. As the embodiment of darkness, he has been around since the universe’s creation and has unlimited power.

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Venom, with all his fighting skill, wouldn’t hold a candle to Nekron, as he could destroy the universe on a whim. Nekron can even thwart one of DC’s most powerful villains, Anti-Monitor. Death has power over all… and Venom is no exception.

2 WIN: Two-Face

Two-Face is another recurring Batman villain who doesn’t have much going for him other than his twisted mind and weaponry skills. A former District Attorney for Gotham, he was disfigured by acid which led to his decline into criminality.

Two-Face has no superhuman abilities, therefore Venom would make a quick meal out of him. A pretty frightening image would be the Venom symbiote merging with Two-Face, as both of their maliciousness combined would be a lot for Batman to handle.

1 LOSE: Trigon

Trigon is yet another villain who makes the list of DC’s most powerful. He is a cosmic demon who is immortal and possesses telekinesis, telepathy, energy projection, matter transmutation, and reality manipulation.

Trigon can destroy planets, universes, or dimensions, and would have no trouble destroying Venom. Interestingly, Trigon is able to control armies of demons, and if Venom were able to create an army of Venoms as he did in Old Man Hawkeye, it would be a pretty amazing battle to behold.

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Venom is one of Spider-Man's deadliest enemies so which DC villains can the symbiote foe can defeat? From Joker to Doomsday, let's see how he does.

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