Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Returns To Twitter With Cryptic Message

A mysterious tweet from Spider-Man actor Tom Holland ended the actor’s long absence from the social media platform. In addition, it might be a hint toward a future project for the actor that will have a family connection.

Holland’s tweet, which was posted on April 29, just reads, “A wild guess!” It appears to a response to a tweet from his brother, director/actor Harry Holland (DianaTweet), that simply said, “Take a guess…” It may also reference a previous tweet shared by Harry Holland, in which he posted the title page of a shooting script titled Last Call, which Harry co-wrote with Will South.

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Adding to the mystery is Harry’s response to a tweet by a fan, which Tom also retweeted. It reads, “You guys aren’t ready…” with the hashtag, “#bigthingscoming.”

This was the first tweet from Tom Holland since Sept. 27, 2019. Whether or not this means he will be appearing in a movie based on his brother’s new script or if there will be some other kind of film collaboration between the brothers is so far unclear.

Tom Holland has been Sony and Marvel Studios’ official live-action Spider-Man since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. He will be appearing in the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home that is currently scheduled for release in November of 2021. He is also attached to star as Nathan Drake in Uncharted, a cinematic prequel to the video game series of the same time, as well as play Todd Hewitt the dystopian sci-fi film Chaos Walking, which is based on a novel by Patrick Ness and is co-written by legendary screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. Meanwhile, his brother Harry has directed a music video for the band Hugo Hans and film shorts like Storybook Ending.

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Tom Holland broke his Twitter silence with a cryptic tweet that could hint at a collaboration with his brother, Harry Holland.

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