Spider-Man: The 10 Worst Things That The Lizard Has Ever Done

The Lizard is a classic Spider-Man rogue and a man constantly at war with the beast within. Dr. Curtis Connors was once a brilliant army surgeon who had an arm amputated after a wound on the battlefield. He became obsessed with studying the regenerative abilities of reptiles, and this led to him experimenting on himself with lizard DNA. These experiments turned him into the Lizard, and he has been a bane of Spider-Man ever since.

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The Lizard himself is a bestial creature with an identity completely apart from Connors himself. He is cruel and vicious, and he is obsessed with furthering experimentation with reptilian DNA. Connors and Spider-Man have worked hard to keep the Lizard from doing anything vile, but, sometimes, the Lizard succeeds.

10 Framing Spider-Man For A Robbery

The first great crime of the Lizard is one of the first attacks he ever made upon Spider-Man. Needless to say, the Lizard has tried to kill Spider-Man countless times over the years, but, during the second outing of the Lizard, the creature framed Spider-Man for trying to rob a jewelry store. Spider-Man has tried to help the Lizard at every turn, and he has always had trouble with public relations–mostly thanks to J. Jonah Jameson. That makes this action from the Lizard feel especially cruel and vindictive, even for this scaly villain.

9 Creating The Iguana

This one is among the countless times that the Lizard/Curt Connors has done a bit of playing god. The “Enervator” was a device intended to help Connors cure himself of the Lizard condition. Before trying it on himself, he used the machine on an iguana, which turned the reptile into a humanoid creature dubbed “the Iguana.” This beast had the memories of Curt Connors himself, and it became a rarely recurring foe for Spider-Man over the years. The Iguana was recently killed by a machine Hunter created by Kraven and Arcade.

8 Turning Spider-Man Into A Lizard

The Enervator pops up again here, as the lack of shielding in the device turned Spider-Man into the Spider-Lizard. While this was more oversight than genuine malevolence on the part of Curt Connors, it is still his fault that Spider-Man briefly went on a dangerous rampage through New York as the Spider-Lizard. To his credit, Connors helped cure Spider-Man with an antidote.

7 Joining The Sinister Twelve

The Lizard participated in an ambitious ploy by the Norman Osborn to kill Spider-Man once and for all. Osborn, knowing Spider-Man’s secret identity, had Aunt May kidnapped and threatened to have her killed if Spider-Man didn’t break Osborn out of prison.

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Spider-Man and Black Cat give in and spring Osborn, and he dons his Green Goblin persona and ambushes Spider-Man and Black Cat with the Sinister Twelve: Vulture, Sandman, Electro, the Lizard, Chameleon, Hammerhead, Boomerang, Tombstone, Shocker, Hydro-Man,  Scorpion, and Venom. Joining this team was an act of pure malice on the part of the Lizard and does nothing for his longterm goals outside of spiting Spider-Man.

6 Attacking Billy For A DNA Sample

At one point, Curt Connors claimed to have control over the Lizard persona. At this point, he lived in New York’s sewers to protect others from the Lizard. Regardless, he still ventured back home on Billy’s birthday. The Lizard then came out, crashed the birthday party, and clawed his own son on the face. He retreated afterward, with Spider-Man in pursuit. Billy followed them both with a knife, intending to kill the Lizard (not knowing it was his own father). This came to a head with Billy discovering that the Lizard was his father, and Curt claiming to have attacked his own son for a DNA sample.

5 Transforming Billy Into A Lizard

During a frenzy caused by a meteorite, the Lizard injected Billy Connors with a serum that turned his own son into a Lizard creature as well. Needless to say, this is horrific, especially considering all the terror and violence the Lizard has brought to Curt Connors’ life. This was only temporary thanks to the help of Spider-Man, but it shows another dark chapter in the Lizard saga.

4 Killing Another Scientist For Winning His Grant

Another act of pure spite on the part of the Lizard was killing a fellow scientist because he won a research grant that Connors wanted. This indicates more of a connection between the Connors and Lizard personalities, and it was also what put the Lizard in the position to join the aforementioned Sinister Twelve.

3 Kidnapping Stanley Osborn

Much was made over the DNA of Stanley Osborn thanks to his parentage: Lilly Hollister and the Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus believed that Norman Osborn was the father of Stanley, and both Norman and Lilly had taken the Goblin Formula (with Lilly having been Menace and the Grey Goblin).

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The Lizard kidnapped Stanley to experiment on the child, but Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus intervened. In reality, Harry was Stanley’s true father, and the Goblin Formula was not actually present in the child.

2 Constant Human Experimentation

Outside of the various animals, Stanley Osborn, and his own son, the Lizard has used human test subjects frequently over the years. Sometimes it was intended for good, but many times it was for the Lizard’s own ends-particularly when the “Shed” personality took over.

1 Killing Billy Connors

The darkest and most twisted thing the Lizard has ever done is killing and eating his own son, Billy Connors. This was an act on the part of the Lizard intended to shut out the Curt Connors personality forever. It succeeded at the time, imbuing the Lizard with Connors’ full intelligence and even new abilities for the Lizard. This new persona was called, “The Shed,” and was too powerful for even Spider-Man. Shed was later beaten back by Spider-Man who used pictures of Billy to bring Curt back to the surface.

Ben Reily, under the guise of the Jackal, has since cloned Martha and Billy Connors for Curt. When the Jackal’s plans went awry, he enacted the “Carrion Virus” to kill all of his clones. Curt used a Lizard serum to save the cloned Martha and Billy, and they are still currently around. However, none of this changes what the Lizard did to the original Billy Connors.

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The Lizard is a classic Spider-Man rogue and a man constantly at war with the beast within. These are his worst deeds.

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