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Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, has become a Marvel Comics staple in the past two decades. She was brought into the New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch, and she’s stuck around as part of the main lineup until Secret Wars (2015). In these past 20 years, we’ve gotten to see some new costumes from Jessica that have shaken things up.

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Jessica hasn’t been the only Spider-Woman in Marvel though. We’ve also been introduced to Julia Carpenter, Mayday Parker, Gwen Stacy, and a few others that have held the mantle of Spider-Woman or a similar identity, and today we are going to count down the best threads displayed by these Spectacular Spider-Women.

10 Cindy Moon

We are bending the rules a little from the get-go here, but Silk is a Spider-Woman in the most literal sense, and her costume is great. Not enough superheroes use the lower-face cover to hide their identity, and it looks great.

It’s not necessarily the most effective way to hide one’s identity, but nor is the domino mask the likes of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Nightwing, and the Winter Soldier wear. The balance of red, white, and black looks great, and the web patterning is excellent. Silk’s costume is a modern classic.

9 Julia Carpenter

Julia Carpenter, aka the second Spider-Woman and the current Madame Web, has a darn good costume too. Hers mirrors Spider-Man‘s black costume in the color palette, but it adds more white to balance out the aesthetic.

Like Jessica’s costume, it lets Julia’s hair go free, and the red hair is a nice accent to the white and black of the suit.

8 Mary Jane

Again, not technically a Spider-Woman, but Mary Jane’s costume as Spinneret from Renew Your Vows looks great. Plus, its mixture of white and red seems like a precursor to the white Spider-Man costume from the 2018 game that everyone loves so much.

This one balances the colors out excellently and provides Mary Jane with a domino mask with big white spider-eyes. It’s a great look.

7 Mayday Parker

Mayday Parker, the future daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, takes up the mantle of Spider-Girl and, later, Spider-Woman. She lives up to her father’s legacy, and she does so with a costume reminiscent of the 1990’s Spider-Man Unlimited look.

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It adds more blue to the red of the classic Spider-Man look, and Mayday pulls it off. It also has the shiny silver web canisters on the exterior of the suit, and that’s a nice touch.

6 April Parker

April was a hybridized human/symbiote clone of Mayday Parker who, for a while, tried to team up with Mayday as another Spider-Girl, or “Spider-Girl Blue.”

The symbiote would later take over, and April would become Mayhem and try to convince May that she was the real clone. The blue-and-black version of the classic Spider-Man suit looks fantastic, and it’s an idea that should definitely be revived in some form.

5 Anya Corazon

Anya Corazon, formerly known as Araña, would become the Spider-Girl of our time. Her costume is similar to Julia Carpenter’s, but it changes the balance and positioning of the white highlights that push her costume higher up the list.

It lengthens the spider-logo and gives the costume white shoulders, and it’s enough of an alteration to make this one look truly spectacular.

4 Gwen Stacy

Spider-Gwen, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Woman–whatever you want to call her, you can’t deny that Gwen Stacy’s costume is downright amazing. The mixture of pink, white, and black create this crazy balance that shouldn’t quite work but does.

It’s a creative look that completely revolutionizes the whole Spider-Man costume concept, and the hood and blue shoes are a great touch.

3 Jessica Drew III

The new Jessica Drew costume is an amazing redesign of Jess’ old look.

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The black on red webs work wonderfully, and the yellow highlighting of her logo gives a shot of brightness to the coloring. It still lets her hair go free, and it all comes together perfectly.

2 Jessica Drew I

That said, you can’t deny that Jess’ original suit (the one that lets her hair go free instead of holding it behind an awkward mask) is an absolute classic. It didn’t just crimp the Spider-Man look but took the color palette in a completely different direction.

The webbing under her arms always looked better on her than on the Web-Head, and it’s easily one of the best costumes of the 1970s.

1 Jessica Drew II

Jess really has all the best suits. The biker-redesign of the classic Spider-Woman look was a shot of adrenaline to the Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez series, which was already a great book. It added practicality to Jess’ costume in a way that didn’t take away from the color and creativity.

Jess never seemed like one who preferred the spandex, so the biker jacket over athletic pants and a tank-top just made a lot of sense. It sticks close to the original and adds to its charm, making it the top Spider-Woman costume of the list.

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There have been many women to take on the mantle of Spider-Woman over the years, but these are some of the best costumes of the bunch.

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