Sports Anime: Which One Should You Watch Based On Your MBTI®?

Sports anime are one of the most popular genres in the community and certainly get some of the most hype around new seasons, shows, and matches. Anime fans who aren’t even into sports find themselves gravitating to the genre due to its replication of reality in anime settings. The characters and framing act like a stereotypical shonen anime or manga, but without the superhuman plot and otherworldly settings (even though sometimes the characters do have sport-related powers). Sports anime are fun to watch and have a great effect on the whole of the community.

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People who aren’t even into anime typically give sports anime a try and find themselves hooked. Viewers need to see what happens next, who wins, and how far the team goes in their tournament. Sports anime is all about the fighting spirit in one’s self and the strength behind a team working together. Here is what sports anime you should watch based on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

10 Kuroko No Basket – Mediator, INFP

A mediator archetype is the perfect candidate to watch Kuroko no Basket due to their similarities with the main protagonist, Kuroko. This is a sports anime for optimists, even when things may look bleak for the main team, Seirin, the team still strives for glory.

They never give up and have the most fighting spirit probably in any other sports anime. Each member of the main and opposing team is shown having goals and aspirations and reasons for playing. For the mediator with an inner flame, this anime is sure to kick off some sparks and inspire some serious joy.

9 Haikyuu!! – Commander, ENFP

Like the commander, the team of Karasuno strives for glory. If a path isn’t already paved for them, they create their own way. Karasuno is filled with commander archetype characters, many of them bouncing off each other and acting like a leader when they are needed.

Karasuno is also extremely charismatic and quickly makes friends with many of the teams they interact with. Just like Kuroko has the highest level of fighting spirit, Haikyuu!! has the highest level of team spirit. They inspire and drive each other to succeed.

8 Free! – Advocate, INFJ

The protagonist of this series, Haru, is definitely an advocate. It is said that while advocates are oftentimes considered dreamers, they also are realistic dreamers. This is perfect for Haru, as he not only dreams of making it big as a freestyle swimmer but also plans on how to get there. Haru is truly dedicated to his goal and actively spends most of his time in the water because of it.

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Haru also takes initiative (although rather quietly) in helping his friends when they need it. In season 1, he actively attempts to help his childhood friend, Rin. And in later seasons he helps Makoto, his best friend, figure out his goals in life. Sometimes, advocates focus on their goals so much that they forget their own limits and physical breaking points. This happened to Haru during an arc in Free! and Makoto had to talk some sense into Haru.

7 Yuri On Ice – Protagonist, ENFJ

Full of passion and charisma, Yuri On Ice perfectly fits into the Protagonist personality type. Ice skating is all about the charisma the skaters have on the ice, their natural fluidity. Yuri expresses his deep passion for ice skating throughout the series.

Protagonists often find themselves as coaches, which Victor also embodies. He takes on the role of becoming Yuri’s ice skating coach at the beginning of the series. They strive to help people become more independent and grow with their flaws.

6 Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-Kun – Architect, INTJ

This sports anime also acts as a comedy. It focuses on a star soccer player, Aoyama, who also happens to be the biggest clean freak ever. He is constantly cleaning the ball and sometimes avoids making certain plays in fear that he will dirty himself.

However, throughout the series, fans see Aoyama become more comfortable with getting a little dirty, and they see him figure out unique and creative ways to avoid it altogether, hence the architect personality type. Aoyama is a thinker, he plans for all outcomes and enjoys being one step ahead.

5 Ace Of Diamonds – Campaigner, ENFP

Ace of Diamonds is full of campaigner personality types. The characters are all incredibly enthusiastic to become better at baseball and strive for those goals. This anime is oftentimes listed as a top-three sports anime, alongside Haikyuu!! and Kuroko no Basket.

The cast of characters in Ace are all free spirits who creatively approach new obstacles and overcome them as a team. They are incredibly passionate and strive for victory with each new game they get to.

4 Hajime No Ippo – Defender, ISFJ

The role of the defender makes the most sense for the main protagonist of Hajime no Ippo, Ippo, when fans consider his humble beginnings. Ippo was a weak, nerdy guy who got beat up by a couple of local bullies. He is found by a nearby boxing gym who takes him in and patch him up. After a show of emotions, the main coach at the gym suggests he punch a bag to lose some steam, only to discover he packs a hard punch.

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Ippo is the classic tale of an underdog. He gets stronger and tough as the show progresses while sticking to his humble ideals. He is a defender as he protects himself and the weak against the strong.

3 Prince Of Tennis – Debator, ENTP

Prince of Tennis is one of those sports anime where the characters have special abilities and moves that could be considered powers. The show also perfectly fits the debator personality type.

While there is a team in Prince of Tennis, the game is not necessarily a team sport. Ryoma Echizen is a little arrogant but is easily able to back up his attitude with his skill, a quality of a debator, to prove their claims with fact.

2 Initial D – Virtuoso, ISTP

Initial D may not be considered a sports anime to many, but the core premise and structure of the show wholely reads as any other sports anime would. Takumi Fujiwara is a tofu delivery boy who must drive along the winding and curving Mount Akina on a daily basis to make his delivery.

Bored of just driving plainly, the boy learns how to drift along to mountain pass. He is one hundred percent a virtuoso personality type. They love to explore and try new things and love any kind of hands-on approach. Takumi learned how to drift and speed on his own and accidentally ended up becoming one of the greatest racers on the scene.

1 Keijo!!!!!!!! – Entertainer, ESFP

Keijo may also not be considered a sports anime due to its meme-filled plot and ecchi nature. However, at the show’s core, it is a sports anime, with the same fighting spirit ideals of any other. This show is listed as the entertainer archetype for the pure enjoyment this show gives off.

Its ridiculous ideas make it hilarious to watch, while viewers also find themselves cheering and rooting for specific characters like in any other sports anime. The characters in the show are all spontaneous, energetic people who strive to win using their passion and hips. This show would be perfect for anyone with an ESFP personality trait.

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Here is what sports anime you should watch based on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

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