Star Wars: 10 Amazing Pieces Of Reylo Fan Art That Will Make You Miss Them

The relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren within the sequel trilogy of Star Wars has been somewhat controversial since its debut. There have been fans of the couple since the first film was released, The Force Awakens, and there are new Reylo shippers after the final movie came out, The Rise of Skywalker.

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The ending of the final film also proved to be quiet controversial. It left many fans wanting more, desiring that happy ending for both Rey and the newly enlightened Ben Solo. And many of the fans just miss Ben Solo and the potential of the relationship before the last few moments of the film. So here is some beautiful and amazing fan art that will make you miss Reylo.

10 Across The Galaxy

In this piece, done by @alcalafa, Rey seems to have become a Jedi Master, as she travels the galaxy in her ship (presumably the Millenium Falcon). However, her reflection is not her own, but of a fallen Ben Solo. This fan art makes it seem like Rey does not see him, but he is with her regardless. Even though Ben has died in the films, fans never got to see him as a force ghost, making many feel like they were missing a vital part. This image gives hope that he is always near her.

9 Darkness Rises And Light To Meet It

Kylo Ren has had quite the journey throughout the sequel trilogy. Many fans assumed (and hoped) that he would return to the light, return to being Ben Solo, before the completion of the trilogy. One of the main quotes surrounding this trilogy is”Darkness rises and light to meet it.”

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Rey is that light for Kylo Ren’s darkness. He rises from the dark side more and more, with Rey right there to pull him out completely. This fan art is a perfect example of that. The two look like they are Yin and Yang, the dyad of light and dark.

8 A Dyad

The final act of The Rise of Skywalker had Ben Solo rushing to help Rey defeat Palpatine, only to get thrown into a pit just as the climax of the fight was about to occur. Rey uses such strong force power to defeat her foe, that all the energy from within her completely drains and she is left dead. After crawling and climbing out of the pit, Ben Solo pushes all of his life force into her. This fan art by Alexiela perfectly reimagines that moment. It’s soft and loving yet painful all at the same time. Ben knows that Rey is worth dying for. With the stars behind them is almost appears like he knew she and this were his fate.

7 First Meeting

This fan art, done by Terry, is a call back to the first film of the sequel trilogy, The Force Awakens. It is the first real encounter Kylo Ren and Rey share with one another. After he finds her in the woods by Maz Kanata’s cantina, Kylo Ren knocks her out using the force and carries her onto his ship. Many fans have made comical references to this scene, as Kylo princess carries Rey instead of treating her like a normal prisoner or getting one of the Stormtroopers to do this.

6 It Was You

In The Last Jedi, fans see a force vision Rey has in the cave on Ahch-To. In the vision, she sees two people walking towards her that fuse and become one just as they stand on the opposite side of the dark, thick glass. Some fans assumed these two were the parents Rey had so longed for. But others had a different idea.

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With the concept of light and dark and the dyad, being so heavily implied within this trilogy (and this film in particular) many fans believed the two people were Kylo Ren and Rey herself. The fusing together would become the balanced force or the light-side Ben Solo. In AritouStuff’s comic, this is depicted. It was Ben Solo all along and together, the two have brought balance to the force.

5 I Will Be With You

As mentioned previously, many fans wanted to at least see a force ghost of Ben Solo after his fading away into the force. Star Wars has made death a strange concept for their viewers. Sometimes the characters just die in normal ways, like Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace. Sometimes their physical form disappears and they become one with the force, turning into a force ghost, like Yoda in Return of the Jedi. But in Rise of Skywalker, fans see a combo of the two. Ben fades into the force, but he is never seen again. Fans didn’t receive that final closure and it left a bad taste in the mouth of many. Rachel X has gone on to reassure Reylo fans that a force ghost Ben does go and appear to Rey, holding her once again.

4 Emperor And Empress

Many fans just wanted to see this pairing happy, wanted to see them be able to stand together without hesitation. However, RemiBriidge’s fan art has taken that to the next level. Ben Solo technically is a prince. His mother is Princess Leia and grandmother was Queen Amidala of Naboo. Rey is a Palpatine, a former senator of Naboo.

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This picture captures the idea of Rey and Ben has emperor and empress of Naboo. They are surrounded by light, with their white and yellow outfits. They look regal and royal, and, more importantly, the two look happy together.

3 Be With Me

Another force ghost Ben concept. In an old piece done by Verauko called”Hellfire,” Rey was ignited by the light, she looked like a star, as she hugged Kylo Ren. The image was meant to represent that she was his light and that she was pulling him into it. This piece is a response to that. In it, Rey looks sad and alone after the loss of her other half, Ben. But not all hope is lost. He is still with her, as a force ghost. He cups her hand and she feels him with her.

2 Join The Dark Side

This piece is based on the idea of Rey turning to the dark side, which is an idea fans were teased with a number of times throughout the final film. In a few of the concept arts, fans were able to see the idea of Rey and Kylo Ren ruling the galaxy together as the new leaders of the first order and the dark side. The concept of Dark Rey and Kylo Ren is somewhat alluring and many fans find themselves being pulled to the idea.

1 Fixed Ending

Elithien has created a number of truly beautiful and amazing Reylo pieces of art that have made them one of the most popular Reylo artists on social media. In this particular piece, they have claimed to fix the ending of the final film in which Rey stands alone on Tatooine. However, with the twin suns looming in the background, Ben once again princess carries his other half and finally, peacefully kisses her. The twin suns were thought to represent the idea of the dyad between Rey and Ben, and Elithien has just encaptured that concept beautifully.

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The Star Wars sequel trilogy got many fans thinking of the potential pairing between Rey and Kylo Ren, and these fan artists bring Reylo to life.

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