Star Wars: 10 Fan Art Pieces of Superheroes & Villains Reimagined As Jedi & Sith

The merging of the powers of comic-book superheroes and those of the Force from Star Wars is an exciting concept, to say the least and many passionate fan artists have portrayed their favorite heroes as Force-users.

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The majority, if not all of those reimagined superheroes don’t really need the mysterious power that binds all living things in the galaxy far, far away in order to defeat their enemies; they are already powerful enough. Nevertheless these artists’ work is more than inspiring and here are 10 pieces of fan art depicting superheroes and supervillains as they would look like if they had mastered the skills of the Jedi or the Sith.

10 The Dark Knight Side Of The Force (By Cocolongo)

Gotham would be much safer, the Justice League would be far stronger and the Joker would spend a lot more time locked up in Arkham Asylum if the Force was added to Bruce Wayne‘s already diverse skillset.

Cocolongo also provides The Dark Knight with a blue lightsaber and the only real disadvantage of this version of the Caped Crusader is that he will find it extremely difficult to stay true to his “no-kill” rule if he ends up using the Jedi weapon.

9 The Lightsaber Of Truth (By Kenneth Fontano)

Diane Prince is already armed with several quite powerful weapons such as the Bracelets of Submission, the Lasso of Truth, her Themyscirian shield and the magical sword that is said to be so sharp that it is capable of cutting atoms.

Kenneth Fontano gives her another weapon, which can pretty much damage any kind of surface – a golden lightsaber that would certainly cement Wonder Woman’s position as the most powerful of all Amazons.

8 The Lantern Jedi Corps (By ChapmanBaritone)

The Green Lantern is capable of creating any sort of weapon or a protective tool that he can think of by using the magic of the Power Ring. As it happens, a lightsaber is not just an efficient addition to his armament but it visually fits quite well with his outfit.

That is shown quite clearly in the case of ChapmanBaritone‘s Jedi version of the DC superhero since the glow of the appropriately colored green lightsaber matches the shine emitted from the Ring.

7 Jedi Wolverine (By Timothy Vasser)

Pinterest user Timothy Vasser has posted this epic rendition of Wolverine that is glorious and painful in equal measure. Since the adamantium is replaced by the searing edge of a lightsaber, the attacks of Jedi Logan are far more lethal.

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However, this would be a double-edged sword since that material is running throughout his entire body. Such an unnerving concept is perfectly possible in the case of Wolverine since he can regenerate almost instantly but it would be too physically taxing for it to actually work.

6 The Force-Sense Is Tingling (By Todd Nauck)

Despite his youthfulness and general outgoingness, Peter Parker is something of a Jedi already – his Spider-Sense allows him to feel incoming danger, not to mention his incredible affinity for acrobatics and fighting skills.

Todd Nauck gives Peter a lightsaber and a robe with web-decorations, similar to that of his suit and mask that is just too awesome to exist. If he was a part of George Lucas‘ universe, Parker would certainly be the Jedi Order’s most promising Knight.

5 Darth Loki (By AndrewKwan)

The God of Mischief would make a very accomplished Sith. One of the most distinctive traits of the legendary foes of the Jedi Order is their manipulation and ability to cause chaos and what better individual for the task than Loki himself?

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AndrewKwan has granted the Asgardian Sith a double-bladed lightsaber to mirror his MCU spear weapon and a very intimidating mask, which is quite in line with the fashion choices of any Dark-side user.

4 The Sith Widow (By RamArtwork)

Black Widow is one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s most trusted agents and she should rightfully be a Jedi, fighting for good. That being said, RamArtwork‘s choice to transform her into a Sith is quite understandable too – her dark clothing and especially her billowing scarlet hair are a perfect match for the red lightsaber and that specific gloomy, gritty aura, that every Sith Lord is known for.

She would bring a lot of grief to the Jedi Order through her vast close combat experience and the devastating weapon in her hands.

3 Darth Doom Of Lateveria (By Robert Shane)

If there is one comic-book character that requires just a lightsaber in order to adopt the proper appearance of a Jedi or a Sith, that would be Doctor Doom. He actually has it all – a cloak with a hood, an iron mask and a Darth Vader-like suit of armor.

Robert Shane has just added plenty of little details to complete the Sith version to Victor von Doom. The magical powers and titanium suit of the Fantastic Four antagonist would make him one of the toughest challenges that the Jedi Masters have ever faced.

2 The Sith With A Mouth (By Louis Black)

The Sith traditions and the Merc with the Mouth are a flawless match. Deadpool‘s unhidden joy of cutting down enemies, red and black colors, mastery with swords and self-healing factor would bring Emperor Palpatine to tears of happiness if Wade Wilson stood beside him during the Empire’s reign over the galaxy.

Louis Black has created the evil version of the character, boosting his charisma and intimidation through a dark cloak and a large steel belt.

1 An Iron Jedi & His Apprentice (By Hueco Mundo)

A potential tear-jerker for anyone who was too devastated following the ending of Avengers: Endgame, the magnificent piece of Hueco Mundo depicts Peter Parker and Tony Stark as an apprentice and a master on a mission throughout the galaxy.

This is a gorgeous digital painting, which focuses not on the powers of Spider-Man and Iron Man but on the father-son relationship between the characters. Marvel fans would certainly flock to the Star Wars franchise if those two were to have a reunion in George Lucas’ universe.

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The world of Star Wars allows anyone to become a Jedi or Sith so in the world of superheroes, who could wield the Force and a lightsaber?

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