Star Wars: 10 Incredible Pieces Of The Mandalorian Fan Art That Are Out Of This World

It has been months since the first season of The Mandalorian has concluded. Yet we’re still talking about it, as well as eagerly looking forward to the next season. So it’s really no surprise to hear that fans have been going above and beyond to create some truly fantastic fan art.

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Fan art is one of the best ways to show off our love for any franchise, as we all know very well. So let’s give credit where credit is due, because these brilliant works show the love and fascination that many of us are feeling right now.

10 In The Action

Mandalorian Fanart by Jojowong

This dramatic bit of fan art, portraying our new favorite Mandalorian in the middle of a fight, is brought to you by jojoowong. Honestly, there’s a whole lot to love about this piece, from the sense of action to the skill in which our two favorite characters are rendered.

Having Baby Yoda in there helping to save the day certainly doesn’t hurt. After all, he is as useful as he is cute!

9 Baby On Board!

Mandalorian Fanart by GrievousGeneral

Oh goodness! Could this possibly get any cuter? While we know that our Mandalorian would never actually wear a baby harness like this, you’ve got to admit that this makes for an adorable drawing.

Rendered by GreviousGeneral, this stylistic drawing is perfect for fans who love the whole father/son dynamic that has formed between the two leading characters of the series.

8 Burning Up The Enemies

Mandalorian Fanart by SamDelaTorre

One of the many things fans have come to love about the Mandalorian is how far he’s willing to go in order to protect the little and adorable Baby Yoda (and really, who can blame him? We would literally die for that little face).

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That is why we’re loving SamDelaTorre‘s drawing of this dynamic duo. Once again our hero is portrayed in the action, actively protecting the youngling with everything he has – including flames.

7 A Regal Portrait

Sometimes it takes two to create something truly amazing. For example, this regal portrait. It was created by Twitter users @route354art and @jesse_heagy, and it is truly spectacular. The Mandalorian looks fierce and bold, while the little Baby Yoda looks previous and fully worth protecting.

Seriously, what more could you ask for? Oh, how about all of those accent details that flesh out the background? Each piece showcases another moment, theme, or element from the show. Talk about perfection.

6 Colorfully Rendered Family

This beautifully colored piece of Mandalorian fan art is by tierney_steel, and it is another piece that we have fallen in love with. We also have no doubt that the Mandalorian himself would be proud of it, should he ever see it.

The little one is safely bundled up in the arms of our leading character, and it is just an endearing sight to behold. Combined with the fact that the drawing in beautifully rendered, and it’s really no surprise that we can’t stop looking at this piece.

5 A Dynamic Duo

In this fan art from the Mandalorian, our dynamic duo has taken the forefront once again. Though technically speaking, Baby Yoda is doing his best to steal the spotlight, sneaking closer into the foreground.

Twitter user @JoanBor_ is the artist behind this piece, and we love how much personality has been infused into it. Is it just us, or can you feel The Mandalorian’s frustration with the wandering Baby Yoda?

4 Strike A Pose

Mandalorian Fanart by OverlInk

If there is one thing that the Mandalorian does better than anyone else (besides kick some serious butt), it’s strike some seriously dramatic poses. This bit of fan art looks like it walked right off the screen, our character looks so at home with it.

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OliverInk did a fantastic job bringing this truly epic drawing to life, it’s an impressive feat through and through. If the Mandalorian hung up artwork, this one would be on his wall.

3 Setting Sun

Mandalorian Fanart by JoeyJazz

As we said before, the Mandalorian really does have a way of creating some epic poses and scenes. Granted, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many fans willing to place them in such epic settings.

Take this one, created by JoeyJazz. We absolutely love the silhouette design of the Mandalorian, especially when set against the setting (or rising) sun. It looks every bit as epic as we could have ever hoped for. And then some.

2 Don’t Mess With The Baby

Mandalorian Fanart by Jeetdoh

The Mandalorian is on the hunt again, or rather, as always. Nobody is going to be hurting Baby Yoda while he’s around. This is a fact made all the more clear in this bit of fan art by Jeetdoh. And look at that little face! Baby Yoda is looking sweeter than ever!

We’re in love with the unique angle for this fan art, as well as the decision to add a dramatic splash in the background. Altogether it has made for a memorable (and amazing) piece.

1 Muted Portrait

Mandalorian Fanart by Felipe Yoon

Last, but certainly not least, take a look at this elegant portrait of The Mandalorian. He’s the sole focus of our attention here, and with good reason. Even when he is not doing anything flashy, the Mandalorian is seriously one of the coolest characters around.

That is why we’re adoring this artwork by Felipe Yoon so much. It’s striking and elegant all in one, and thus perfect for our favorite Mandalorian.

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These fantastic fan art pictures really show off how great the Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda) really is.

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