Star Wars: 10 Jedi Invented by Fan Artists That Will Make You Wish They Were Canon

The ranks of the Jedi Order have been joined by plenty of unforgettable characters as far as Legends and Star Wars‘ canon storylines are concerned. The immense likability of George Lucas‘ world has inspired many talented artists to create their very own Jedi Knights and Masters through expertly crafted images that show us original, relatable characters.

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Some of them are humans, while others are aliens but all of them are gifted with a unique personality, which can easily become the basis of a fully developed story.

10 Michal Sowa

Portraying a lively, exciting, colorful lady, wielding an apprentice’s lightsaber, Michal Sowa‘s painting shows a Jedi that lives and breathes adventure. The warrior has been all around the galaxy, judging by her excentric Far-East-like clothing, gilded armor and traveler’s pouch. The blue-eyed fighter is also extremely educated in the Jedi arts since she is capable of creating a Force Shield that can deflect blaster fire. This daredevil is likely the rebellious type who tends to disregard the Council‘s orders and is desperate to dive into a new exciting journey.

9 Anthony Jones

A tragic, yet undeniably heroic character is created by Anthony Jones in a piece displaying a veteran, lone, wounded Jedi who has ignited both his sabers in the darkness, while surrounded by his Sith foes. This is a grim time for the Jedi Order – their legendary adversaries seem to be hunting them down. However, it is obvious that this is not the first battle that the bearded, wise Force-user (likely a Master) has gone through. He holds his head high, radiating dignity and resilience in the face of doom – a soldier that would have likely survived Order 66.

8 LenaBwolf

Blake Varess looks like the type of influential, luminous personality that many Jedi would easily follow into battle and in fact, LenaBwolf‘s work depicts a couple of apprentices having her back in the background.

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The Jedi is applying Obi-Wan Kenobi’s favorite fighting stance, typical of Form III lightsaber combat, Soresu. Varess’ magenta lightsaber could only be the weapon of a Master and a member of the Jedi council. Blake’s steely grey-eyed look indicates that she is a resilient, confident, disciplined leader that is as harsh as beautiful.

7 Jeddibub

The battered down looks of this Togorian, renegade Jedi is what makes Jeddihub‘s character so intriguing. The alien Force-user is not a complete villain if he even is that in any way. His garments are torn, his body – hurt, his armor – broken and there is a grimace of pain on the tortured warrior’s face. Regardless if the fugitive is hunted because of his unattractive, beast-resembling appearance or because of a crime that he has committed, it is refreshing to see a character that is not a part of a conventional good versus evil Star Wars conflict.

6 Joodraws

The pinnacle of heroism is shown in joodraws‘ painting, where a city is under a heavy siege and its protector – a majestic warrior with a lightsaber in each hand is ready to face off the next foe. Quite a bit of damage has been dealt to the fighter to the point where parts of her body are no longer protected by armor.

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The fear in the heroine’s eyes makes her vulnerable, relatable and realistic. One thing is certain – the formidable soldier will go down fighting if she is to fall. The terrifying hits that the Jedi has taken haven’t shaken her morale one bit.

5 Nico Fari

If Nico Fari‘s double-blade lightsaber-carrying Wookie Jedi was part of the canon universe, Star Wars fans would’ve had even more reasons to cheer for Chewbacca‘s species. This would be a different kind of a Wookie – more confident, wiser and definitely not as whiny as Han Solo‘s co-pilot. Potentially one of Yoda‘s many Jedi apprentices, this particular warrior could have a special connection to the green-skin Grand Master. In Revenge of the Sith Yoda mentioned his good relations with the Wookies before heading off to defend their homeland.

4 WojtekFus

WojtekFus walks a fine line between the light and the dark side of the Force in his gritty depiction of a gorgeous, yet conflicted female Jedi. The hints that this warrior might be going down a dark path are plenty. The Knight is surrounded by darkness, the only glimmer of light being far in the background and her blue saber bears subtle shades of evil red close to the handle. Out for blood, the heroine will certainly cause some devastation to whoever wronged her and whether her eyes will end up Sith-yellow or not is a movie-worthy mystery.

3 Eddy Shinjuku

The type of a Jedi Master that would end up in the center of mind-blowingly choreographed lightsaber battles, the teal saber-owning warrior dressed in purple by Eddy Shinjuku is exemplary of what a true Jedi should be like in the face of danger – calm, focused and methodical.

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A bunch of stormtroopers have attempted and spectacularly failed to take the Knight out. The carnage is complete – the helpless Imperial soldiers are flying all over the place, the very ground beneath them exploding from the Master’s Force Push.

2 Carolin Aust

Everything about Carolin Aust‘s authoritative armored Jedi warrior screams power. The darkness surrounding the heroine is pierced by the glow and protruding sparks of her golden lightsaber. She is a beautiful woman who emanates no innocence whatsoever. It is not a character to fall in love with but one to fear and run away from in battle. The detail and thickness of her protective wear speak of the Jedi’s high rank and skill. Her practiced, comfortable battle stance hints at the character’s formidable experience and power.

1 JoseArias

The ultimate Mandalorian warrior can be observed in a piece from JoseArias. Combining the skills of a member of the mighty clan with the gifts of a Jedi is a thrilling concept that would ensure the existence of one of the most powerful characters in the Star Wars lore. A gifted master of all sorts of combat, he would be a fascinatingly conflicted character that will be torn between two creeds and sets of rules – one of his own people and one of the mighty Order that he has joined.

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Star Wars has introduced many incredible Jedi over its long history and while these Jedi may be fan art, you're going to wish they weren't.

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