Star Wars: Ahsoka Was One of the First Characters Dave Filoni Drew

Ahsoka Tano holds not just a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans, but in The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni’s as well. In fact, she was amongs the first characters he ever conceptualized for Lucasfilm.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair about Ahsoka’s legacy, Filoni discussed the character’s evolution from concept art to integrated part of The Clone Wars mythos. “Ahsoka was one of the first characters that I ever drew when I was working here at Lucasfilm,” Filoni stated. “I have a little sketch of her, and she’s come so far.”

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Filoni and Ahsoka voice actress Ashley Eckstein also noted how elements of the character’s identity changed over time. She was always conceptualized as a Togruta alien with orange skin and blue and white head tails, but was originally named Ashla. At one point, the writers also wanted to imply that Ahsoka was among the younglings being trained by Yoda in Attack of the Clones, but that idea was written off due to age inconsistency.

Ahsoka Tano was introduced in the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie as a Padawan assigned to Anakin Skywalker. During its critically acclaimed TV show continuation, she gradually became a fan-favorite among Star Wars fans, partaking in numerous battles across the Clone Wars and becoming an integral part of Anakin’s life as both friend and apprentice. However, after being falsely accused of murder, Ahsoka chose to leave the Jedi Order out of disillusionment, as the Jedi Council was unwilling to believe in her innocence. While this justified the character’s absence during Revenge of the Sith, she eventually returned in Star Wars Rebels as a secret member of the newly formed Rebel Alliance. This would lead to a heartbreaking confrontation between Ahsoka and her former master, now the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni revealed Ahsoka Tano to be one of the first characters he drew for Lucasfilm.

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