Star Wars Battlefront II: Everything in the Game's FINAL Update

It’s a bittersweet time for fans of Star Wars Battlefront II, as the game has recently released its final update. Despite this being the last update, some players are astounded it’s come this far. When Battlefront II first came out, it was the subject of universal hatred due to its controversial progression system and plague of loot boxes. It was so bad that it became forever memorialized as the most subject of the down-voted Reddit comment ever.

Despite its rough start, DICE chose to continually improve and support the game, eventually turning fan opinion on the game. Battlefront II has received a whopping 25 free content updates since the release of the game. Generally, these updates introduce new maps, skins, modes, and balance changes. This last update is no exception, as it adds five new skins, a new map and more changes than you could shake a death-stick at. DICE’s consistent and hard work has led us to this final hurrah, so let’s take a gander at what this update has to offer players.

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The highly-anticipated planet Scarif is the huge draw of the last update. Scarif debuted in Rouge One as a tropical planet where the Empire has set up its secret research center. The planet has been added as a playable map on a number of modes, namely Co-op Missions, Supremacy, Instant Action, Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Showdown. In addition to Scarif, the Crait map has also become playable on Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Showdown.

DICE has also gone out of its way to update some modes to appeal to players. Instant Action and Supremacy are now available in the “Age of Rebellion,” meaning the Death Star II, Hoth, Yavin 4, Tatooine and Scarif maps will be selectable. Additionally, Instant Action received two new modes: Mission (Attack) and Mission (Defend). This allows solo players to play Co-Op maps with AI. Finally, Co-Op Missions are now available on the First Order Resurgent Class Star Destroyer and Resistance MC85 Star Cruiser.

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Battlefront II update wouldn’t be complete without new skins, and DICE has released five of them. The first, and most requested, is the “Old Master” Darth Maul skin, which is based off of Maul’s appearance in Star Wars Rebels and is complete with robotic legs. To unlock it, players must defeat 5,000 enemies as Maul.

The other skins come from from The Rise of Skywalker. Kylo Ren and Darth Sideous got a new skin, and Rey received two. Kylo Ren’s skin, “Reforged,” is his “Supreme Leader” skin with the hood up. Darth Sideous’s skin, “Sith Eternal” is based off his appearance after stealing the life force of Rey and Ben Solo. Rey’s first skin, “Rey Skywalker,” is based off the ending of the film and wields a yellow lightsaber. Finally, Rey’s “Resilient” skin is her white Jedi Scavenger outfit with the hood up. This skin must be unlocked by accomplishing certain tasks on the planet Takodana, but the other three are immediately available to players.

Additionally, both sides of the basic troopers will also receive a new skin, with the Empire receiving the “Shoretrooper” for Stormtroopers, and Rebels gaining access to a new race variant: the Pathfinders.

Finally, before the update, some skins could only be unlocked during certain events, such as Luke’s “Farmboy” skin. Now, these event-locked cosmetic items can be obtained by simply completing the designated milestones.

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The update features a variety of quality-of-life changes. First, the way Damage Increase indicators look to both players and the people in their cross-hairs. When players are subjected to a Damage Increase, an icon will appear left of their health bar. It will remain there till the effect is over. When you hit an opponent with Damage Increase, the icon will animate from your cross-hair, indicating you’ve done more damage. This animation will always be red. Finally, if the player is subjected to a Damage Increase, the icon will be displayed next to their health number.

The “BODYGUARD” Star Card has a new effect. Instead of giving explosive damage resistance and decreased toxin filter activation time, it now gives players a damage reduction if at below 30 percent health. The percent increases based on the rarity of the Star Card. Additionally, the Wookie Warrior now has a new ability called “Charge Slam” which replaces the “Fortify” ability. This new ability can knock down enemies off their feet. Upon a successful hit, the Wookie Warrior will replenish 150 health.

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Blaster heroes who have a scope on their gun can actually use it now. Upon zooming in, the camera will change to first-person mode, allowing for a more accurate shot. There are also now multiple HUD options that players can toggle on or off. For instance, players can now turn off in-game hints or tutorials. They can also have the option of turning on star card shuffle at spawn. Before players save these changes, they can be previewed in a new window that visually represents each setting.

Finally, DICE added a small but fun Easter egg in the form of an ironing droid on the Resurgent Class Star Destroyer. You’ll find this particular droid in the cafeteria area of the ship ironing a particular set of clothing worn by Kylo Ren in disguise as Matt the Radar Technician. While an actual in-game skin for Kylo Ren would have been fun, it’s a nice nod to the Saturday Night Live sketch “Undercover Boss.”

Star Wars Battlefront II is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Following a tumultuous start and steady growth over the past few years, Star Wars Battlefront II received its final update. Here's what it adds.

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