Star Wars: What Happens to Rex Between The Clone Wars & Rebels

Captain Rex, CT-7567, is one of the most popular characters to break out from The Clone Wars, so much so that an older version of the clone soldier reappears in Rebels. Thanks to the new season of The Clone Wars, fans know a bit more about their favorite Clone while Rebels shows them where he ends up, but no one has answered the question about where he is in between the two series, but there are some pieces evident.

Like most clone troopers, Rex participates in the Battle of Geonosis depicted in the second prequel movie, Attack of the Clones, but the bulk of his adventures as a leader of the 501st Legion are depicted throughout The Clone Wars, primarily alongside Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, his strongest, ongoing relationship is with Ahsoka Tano, who eventually calls him back into action to aide the developing Rebellion in Rebels.

Fans have a rough idea of what happens to him after the end of Rebels. According to the last episode of the series, he continues to fight for the Rebellion and serves in the Battle of Endor as part of Han Solo’s strike team, but almost 15 years go by between the end of the Clone Wars and Rex getting involved in the Rebellion.

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When Rex first appears in Rebels, he is much older and living on a desert planet called Seelos. Alongside two other clones, Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor, Rex has built a home in a repurposed AT-TE. It serves as a house, transportation and their main means of catching food, which includes large subterranean creatures called joopas. Their encounter with the crew of the Ghost even results in them using Zeb as bait to catch one.

Beyond that, official details on what happens to him in the interim are sketchy at best. Essentially, all fans know is that he goes into retirement alongside the few of his fellow clones who survived the war. As seen in his first reappearance in Rebels, the Empire is quite aware of their existence and treats them as relics of a bygone era. The same episode also proves that age is just a number and a Clone Trooper trumps a Stormtrooper any day.

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With that being said, it’s hard to believe that all Rex got up to in the many years between the Clone Wars and the Rebellion was a leisurely life of joopa hunting with his friends. There is a much larger story waiting to be told about a fan favorite character, which could give audiences a window into a Star Wars era that has received little attention so far.

The establishment and fall of the Empire has been well explored throughout the current catalogue of movies and shows. With what happened in the middle years not being fully discussed, how Rex transitions to a relatively quiet civilian life could be an interesting story.

Outside of being Clone Troopers, there isn’t a known direct connection between Rex, Gregor and Wolffe. Gregor’s only appearance in The Clone Wars found him on a distant planet with amnesia. It appears as if  he sacrificed himself to save Colonel Meebur Gascon and his droid, helping them escape Separatist forces. He is presumed dead by fans until he pops up in Rebels, yet how he survived and ended up with Rex is unknown and a worthwhile story to pursue.

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That’s just one of many dangling plot threads in the life of Captain Rex and the rest of the surviving Clones that fans need to see more of. These are men born and bred for combat. Simply walking away from the fight doesn’t seem like something that would be easy for them; however, there is at least one Clone who walked away from the fight mid-war to start a family of his own

Furthermore, there is one major Clone missing, Commander Cody, who was formerly Rex and Obi-Wan’s right hand. Order 66 forces him to turn on Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith. After his biochip wipes his loyalty to the Jedi and the Republic away, he may have continued to serve the newly founded Empire. With this forced loyalty, it would be captivating to see him come into contact with Clones who avoided the order, like Rex.

Little is known about what happened to Rex between The Clone Wars and Rebels. Based on what fans have seen, he retired to a simple life with friends; however, there is likely more knowing Rex. Even though the war is over and the Rebellion has just begun in Rebels, there are still battles to be fought, and Rex is always the kind of man to be the first to fight.

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Nearly 15 years went by between The Clone Wars and Rebels, leaving fans to wonder what Captain Rex did with all that time.

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