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Stardew Valley is one of the most widely loved farming simulators ever created. However, part of the fun of Stardew Valley is finding someone you can spend the rest of your virtual life with. With so many virtual partners to chose from, trying to find the right person to join in holy matrimony might be overwhelming. It’s even more apparent when it becomes clear that some romantic options are a little better than others.

When looking at all the potential partners, a few stand out as being particularly magnificent and particularly underwhelming. When starting up a new save file in Stardew Valley, it might be tough to figure out who the best partner will be. Hopefully, this handy little ranking can influence your decision so you don’t make a mistake. The following is a ranking of the twelve eligible partners in Stardew Valley, from worst to best.

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It is vital to note that there are no bad love interests in Stardew Valley, but of all twelve of them, Haley might be the weakest link. Haley is the spoiled type who is rude and snobbish toward you, but she has secret layers underneath her exterior — specifically, she likes photography and has a secret dark room.

However, it takes awhile for her to really warm up to the player. On top of that, she’s kind of mean to you even as you gain her favor. She only becomes friendly to you seven hearts in. On top of that, she keeps mentioning in the Winter season how much she wants peppermint coffee, which is not an item in the game. This means you’ll have to spend the entire winter knowing it’s impossible to please your wife.

Penny is a school teacher who is somewhat married to her job. She does a lot do work to help support the children in town. However, she gets very anxious about being a bad role-model, which means no drinking, no stories about her climbing trees and no nonsense.

Sure, she will cook for you and try to make you happy, but she’s just a little restrictive for the average player. She can be a little tough to fall in love with when she’s so closed off and restrained.

Elliott is the mysterious, aloof creative type who is working on a novel, the genre of which is determined by a choice you make. Throughout the game, Elliott is pretty one-note. What you see at first is what you’ll get when you marry him. This doesn’t make him a bad bachelor, but he’s a comparably flat one.

Also, while Elliott is willing to dedicate a whole book to you, he also will do things like decide if you drink beer or wine based on your gender, so the bold romantic acts come at a price.

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Alex is easy to please in this game. He likes exercise and he loves a good breakfast. Like a sweet puppy dog, he’s always eager to impress you. While Alex has a lot of baggage, from his alcoholic dad to feeling misunderstood by the world at large, he’s just a lovable and sweet guy.

However, he also doesn’t have many interests beyond dogs and being physical. He doesn’t read, and he doesn’t really have any aspirations beyond being a pro-athlete. While he’s someone you’ll want to support and befriend, he isn’t marriage material.

Sam is a sweet guy. He’s in a band, he’s fun to be with and he’s the kind of character whose very presence will make you smile from just how charming and energetic he can be about his interests.

At the same time, there’s not much to him. He isn’t particularly socially bright to the point that he doesn’t pick up on the fact that his friend Sebastian clearly has a crush on Abigail — made more obvious when Sebby requests Abigail becomes the drummer for their band. He’s sweet but clueless.

On the surface, Leah might resemble a female Elliott. They’re both creative types plagued with self-doubt over their work. However, while Elliott waxes and wanes on his own, Leah’s struggles feel more tangible. She’s contacted by her ex and wonders if she’s made the right decisions or not.

On top of that, she shows affection for you far earlier than Elliott, with several more dynamic heart events depending on your choices — and you do have more choices with Leah. And she has a cool cottage in the woods. That sort of independence is just very admirable.

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Maru is a very intelligent, brilliant scientist who has to deal with her father trying to keep her from being her own person. She is hard at work on numerous different projects, some of which might electrocute you if you get too close.

Some fans dislike Maru for being somewhat socially removed, but all you have to do is show interest in her passions, and she’ll fall head over heels for you.

Emily is an energetic lady who lives her life full of zeal. She will dance for you, trade recipes with you and you survive a bear together while camping out in the woods.

What makes Emily extremely appealing, though, is that befriending her is the only way to get the Red Plate recipe. This recipe gives you a temporary max energy boost, so you’ll want to be able to make it.

The adorkable town doctor, Harvey is devoted to keeping everyone in town healthy. He is bashful, getting embarrassed when you uncover his secret aerobics training (he’s not very good), and sweetly teasing you about being in a hospital. He even takes you on a hot air balloon!

The only downside? That mustache is definitely incredibly dorky. This can be a good thing for some, but, for others, can be off-putting.

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Shane starts off pretty hostile toward the player. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Shane is incredibly depressed, abusing alcohol and in some serious need of help. This chubby guy past his prime needs to know that someone cares about his well-being.

There are two moments in the game that will undeniably make you love Shane: when he plays with his chickens and when he mails you an entire pizza.

Sebastian is a hard person to talk to with him sitting at his computer programming all day. However, Sebastian is undeniably the best male love interest in the game. He plays Dungeons & Dragons, drives a motorcycle and will give you coffee in the mornings.

Sebby is just the perfect introverted computer nerd who just needs to hang out with someone just as dorky as him.

When it comes to Stardew Valley, Abigail is undeniably the best partner in the game. Ignoring the fact that Abigail is the only partner who will join you in the mine for adventures and will play video games with you, no other partner in the game is as imaginative and energetic as Abigail.

Also, she eats quartz. That has to account for something.

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Stardew Valley has a lot of eligible love interests for you to marry. These are all twelve of them, ranked from worst to best.

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