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Stardew Valley‘s 1.4 update introduced several unlockable additions, including the Movie Theater. Players can buy tickets (for the low price of 1,000G) and invite villagers to watch a movie, purchase concession items for their guests and even try their hand at a playable claw machine game with winnable prizes. Movies will rotate seasonally with the next available movie appearing as a “Coming Soon” poster on the exterior of the theater.

Before players can begin to enjoy taking in movies with their villager friends, they will first need to unlock it. The first step to unlocking the movie theater is to either complete all of the Community Center bundles or joining Joja Mart and having the Community Center transformed into the Joja Warehouse.

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Keeping the Community Center intact will leave Joja Mart abandoned. Players will need to wait for the night before the first rainy day after opening up the Community Center for a cutscene in which a bolt of lightning hits the abandoned Joja Mart and breaks open the doors. If players go and investigate Joja Mart the next day they will find the last Junimo within. They’ll give you The Missing Bundle quest, which requires players to deliver five of six valuable and rare resources. Completing this bundle will unlock the Movie Theater. Here’s what you need:

Silver-Star Wine (any kind) – You can craft wine using any quality fruit in the keg. It takes seven days for wine to be crafted and will come out at a base quality no matter the quality of fruits that were used. Place your crafted wine into a cask for 14 days to turn it into silver-star quality. The game won’t tell you when the wine is the right quality, but you can hit it with an axe, hoe or pickaxe to remove it early.

Caviar – This will require you to have a fishing pond on your farm. While any fish species will eventually produce roe, to make caviar, you’ll need to catch a Sturgeon and add it to your fishing pond. Sturgeon can be found in the Mountain Lake during the Summer and Winter before 7PM.

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After placing a Sturgeon in your pond, it will take some time to begin producing roe. Keep checking back on your pond daily until an exclamation point appears above the pond. Your sturgeon will request an item, which can be tossed into the pond to upgrade it. Sturgeon roe takes longer than other species, so players will need to have patience. Once you’ve got some, place it into a preserves jars to turn it into caviar.

Five Gold-Star Ancient Fruit – Grown from Ancient Seeds, these crops will take 28 days to reach maturity, and an additional Ancient Fruit can be collected from mature plants every seven days thereafter. To produce gold star Ancient Fruit, your farming proficiency will need to be high. Players can improve their chances by using fertilizer prior to planting and utilizing their greenhouse.

Gold-Star Void Salmon – The only place you’ll be able to catch Void Salmon is the Witch’s Swamp, and players will need to complete a couple of quest in order to gain access. Once unlocked, Void Salmon can be caught regardless of the season, weather or time of day.

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Players will want to make sure that they have upgraded their fishing rod and leveled their fishing skill high enough in order to catch a gold-star Void Salmon. They can be found in a few locations in the swamp, and players will want to cast their line out as far as possible to increase their chances of a higher-quality fish encounter.

Prismatic Shard – Though it’s one of the game’s rarest items, there are multiple ways to obtain a Prismatic Shard, however. It’s a rare drop from Mummies, Shadow Shaman, Shadow Brutes and Serpents, though once players reach the bottom of the mines they will unlock a small chance for any monster to drop it. This chance stacks onto the above monsters, slightly increasing their chance of dropping one.

Prismatic Shards may also be found from Omni Geodes, Gem and Iridium Nodes or Mystic Stones. Rainbow Trout fish ponds with a population of nine have a small chance of producing a Prismatic Shard, and players may also find one in Fishing Treasure Chests if their fishing skill is high enough.

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Dinosaur Mayonnaise – In order to craft Dinosaur Mayonnaise, players must first obtain a Dinosaur Egg. These are sometimes dropped by Pepper Rexes or foragable on Prehistoric floors of Skull Cavern. They can also be found by digging up artifact spots in the Mountains or in Fishing Treasure Chests. Once obtained, place it into the Mayonnaise Machine. It will take three hours for the Dinosaur Mayonnaise to be complete.

Once all the items have been delivered, a short cutscene will play. There’ll be another cutscene when you go to sleep showing the abandoned Joja Mart being renovated by the Junimos into the Movie Theater.

If the player sided with Joja Mart, they can still unlock the Movie Theater. In this case, it will replace the Joja Warehouse, formerly the Community Center. After purchasing the other town upgrades through the Joja Community Development Form, speak with Morris, who will mention an opportunity for an entertainment building to replace the Joja Warehouse.

Construction costs 500,000G and, once the player has forked over the money, Joja Mart employees will begin work on renovations. The Movie Theater will replace the Joja Warehouse the following day.

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Version 1.4 added a number of new features for longtime players, including a movie theater that can be unlocked late in the game. Here's how to do it.

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