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In the Teen Titans, there are two heroes that are more powerful than many realize. Starfire is a princess of Tamaran but possesses tremendous power due to her alien heritage and Psion experiments. As Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes possesses a bond with an alien scarab that covers him in armor with imposing power if unleashed in full. Which of these would win if they fought?

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It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Blue Beetle has previously lost control of his armor. That’s a problem since it was designed for conquering other worlds. Starfire is prone to berserker rages that would put Wolverine to shame. Either of them could prove a problem for their teammates as they have in the past.

10 Starfire: She’s a Highly Trained Combatant

Starfire was trained to fight by the Warlords of Okaara. With the Teen Titans, she regularly sparred with Donna Troy, almost always beating her in combat. Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons once theorized that Starfire may be able to best Wonder Woman herself.

Combined with her physical strength, this type of martial skill is practically deadly. She can beat almost anyone hand-to-hand, she mastered many weapons, both edged and blunt. Most earth-born combatants haven’t seen her fighting style, either, since it originates in the Vegan star system.

9 Blue Beetle: The Armor Is Sentient With A Vast Database

While Jaime is from El Paso, the Scarab that his armor springs from is from the race of alien conquerors called the Reach. While it isn’t known if the Reach has encountered the Warlords of Okaara, they probably have encountered someone trained by them. This information might be in the database.

If so, then the suit can guide Jaime in avoiding Starfire’s attacks. Possibly it could even find a counter them and find an opening to launch a debilitating attack.

8 Starfire: She Is Super-Strong And Nearly Invulnerable

Starfire is powered by ultraviolet light, even powering up to a lesser degree at night. Her Tamaranean physiology also gives her a level of durability that borders on invulnerability. We’re not talking about Kryptonian levels, but these are considerable. She has helped Cyborg create an underground cave-in without resorting to her starbolts.

As mentioned, Starfire doesn’t rank among the strongest heroines in the DC Universe but has given a run to Donna Troy and Wonder Woman, especially whenever she’s in a rage. Given the power of her starbolts and fighting abilities, many forget how physically powerful she is.

7 Blue Beetle: He Is Super-Strong And Nearly Invulnerable

The Blue Beetle armor gives Jaime Reyes a level of super-strength, like Starfire, is not at the level of the strongest heroes, but significant nonetheless. He can rend multiple barriers without resorting to his armament.

Where he surpasses Starfire is his level of invulnerability. Blue Beetle can survive Earth re-entry from space. Once the armor has covered Jaime, it’s hard to permanently harm him. The trick is to find a way to interfere with the scarab itself that generates the armor.

6 Starfire: Her Starbolts Are Devastating

Starfire’s primary offensive weapon is her energy blasts from her hands. Called “starbolts,” they are quite devastating. The destructive power is noticeable in almost every appearance she has had. Recently, these have been depicted as green, but originally they were red. Traditionally, they are accompanied by a loud screech.

She could disperse them widely to affect a large area or focus the beam more narrowly to target a specific foe.  There is some kinetic quality to these energy blasts. If desperate enough, Starfire can unleash all her stored energy in one Omni-directional explosion that rivals the sun itself. Blue Beetle’s armor would be hard-pressed to survive the bolts at their most intense.

5 Blue Beetle: His Armor Has Many Offensive Capabilities

Blue Beetle’s armor can adapt itself to form many weapons from giant blades, a grappling hook, and of course, an energy gun. While the energy gun wouldn’t be too effective against Starfire, the armor has other options. It’s A.I. has been shown to adapt to opponents.

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Against Starfire, the best approach would be physical weapons, since the energy weapons would be less effective. The armor and Jaime would quickly realize this and shift their attack. If he can get close to attack, he gains the advantage with his many options.

4 Starfire: She Can Absorb Energy, Even From Opponents.

Starfire’s ability to absorb energy makes her a threat to even Superman. In the past, she has shown to be capable of absorbing other forms of energy, but not all of them. Deathstroke once took her down with an unexpected bomb using unknown energy.

It’s entirely possible that Starfire could absorb the energy from the armor itself. Of course, to do so, she would need to get close enough to grapple with Blue Beetle, and as mentioned, that could prove difficult.

3 Blue Beetle: The Armor Can Adapt

The Armor’s A.I. can adapt quickly to a situation. If Starfire tries to take the battle to the air, it can follow. If she gets close, it can adapt to melee weapons that can more easily harm her. It can also adapt the intensity of its attacks and alter its very shape to more effectively battle.

The trick is for Jaime to listen to the armor. He has a tendency to do this, but against someone that he considers a teammate, he might hesitate. The circumstances of the battle would determine the tactics that Jaime and his scarab would employ.

2 Starfire: She Can Talk To The Suit In Its Own Language.

Little known but notorious to those that do is Starfire’s ability to quickly learn any language through touch. This is usually manifested by her kissing a man, but any physical contact will do. This may be the ace-in-the-hole she has against Blue Beetle.

Of course, this assumes that Starfire can then persuade the scarab to surrender. It may be worth a try to negotiate than to try and fight, especially if the scarab has taken control of the armor. It might also save a lot of damage done during a pitched battle between two powerhouses.

1 Blue Beetle: The A.I. Can Take Over And Wreak Havoc

From time to time, the scarab has taken control of the armor. Usually, this is because Jaime is unconscious. Evidence shows that on its own, the scarab is terrifyingly effective. It was developed as a weapon of conquest.

The scarab does have a hesitance to harm nature, which could get in the way of effectively defeating Starfire. However, without Jaime’s guiding personality, the scarab may likely resort to “scorched earth” tactics in order to attain victory.

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If the Teen Titan's Starfire and Blue Beetle were forced to do battle, which of the two would come out on top?

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