Staying at Home Has Led to Cast Reunions That Would Never Happen Otherwise

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many have been confined to their homes so as to prevent the spread of the illness. While this has also meant a stoppage to new content for film and television being produced, casts from a lot of beloved shows have been gathering together over video chat for reunions that might not have happened otherwise, raising enormous amounts for charity in the process.

TV reunions of the past have been held up as huge, special events with large amounts of fanfare. Seinfeld‘s reunion was creatively weaved into the narrative of Curb Your Enthusiasm, while the Friends reunion is being used to push HBO Max subscriptions. What’s unprecedented about these reunions right now is the sheer number that are popping up on a daily basis, with cast members from The Office, Twin Peaks and Community assembling to entertain fans.

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Though most of these reunions feature casts reminiscing about old times, Parks and Recreation‘s reunion was more slickly produced and functioned more like a bonafide new episode rather than an impromptu hangout, with the special cleverly presented as a series of conference calls from inside the homes of the residents of Pawnee. The episode was put together to benefit Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

Nearly all of Community‘s original cast, aside from Chevy Chase, were able to reunite for a conversation on The Darkest Timeline with Ken Jeong & Joel McHale podcast. Plus, there will be a table read of Season 5, Episode 3, “Cooperative Polygraphy,” which is set to be released on May 18. Walton Goggins will be replaced in the episode by The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, and Donald Glover is said to be involved. Proceeds from the table read and the fan Q&A will go to the José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods charities.

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John Krasinski’s Some Good News show saw the host talking to an Office super-fan couple that recently got engaged. Krasinski then revealed that, as an ordained minister, he could officiate their wedding. Then the cast of The Office including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms, among others, joined to recreate Jim and Pam’s iconic wedding scene. While fans have been pining for a reunion of The Office for years, and now they have a version of it.

Those are just some notable reunions. Others include Orphan Black returning two-episode virtual table read commemorating Mental Health Awareness Month; the cast of Frasier banding together again; Kyle MacLachlan holding a watch party for the 30th anniversary of Twin Peaks; Will Smith wrangling up The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast to pay an emotional tribute to the late James Avery; and many, many more. In a difficult time, these previously unthinkable reunions have brought joy to the lives of many, and they will continue to do so.

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As a result of stay-at-home orders, there's been an influx of TV show reunions that might never have happened otherwise.

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