Steins; Gate: 5 Reasons Why Okabe & Kurisu Are Perfect Together (& 5 Other People Okabe Should've Gone With Instead)

Everybody get your water goggles on, we are about to go shipping! Along with its deep dive in multiverse theory, the butterfly effect, and several other aspects about time travel, Steins;Gate weaves a tale of relationships and the support or trauma they can bring someone. Several of the relationships in the show and the visual novel it is based on could easily go from friendship all the way to romantic interest.

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There are several good reasons why Kurisu and Okabe are the series most popular and canon pair, but the mad scientist also has a rapport with plenty of the other lovely characters in the series. So, let’s see what exactly makes Kurisu and Okabe the perfect pair and what other romantic interest the great Hououin Kyouma might have.

10 Perfect Together: They Are Lab Coat Buddies

Okay, maybe it’s better to say that they both love science. It was the thing that brought them together initially and what later allowed for their relationship to grow as they worked towards their time machine.

While Okabe may not be as much of a genius as Christina… oops… I mean Kurisu, he can still engage her in debate. (Even if he loses most of them.) Secondly, they have a proven record working well together. Considering their work leads to the development of an actual time machine. And most importantly of all, they look good in lab coats.

9 Gone With Instead: Mayuri Shiina

Oh, the classic “kidnapper” and “kidnappee” romance. Though, it is much more than Stockholm syndrome keeping this pair together.

Okabe and Mayuri are basically tied at the hip, romantic relationship or not. They have a deep understanding of each other as individuals. It is to the point where only Mayuri can bring Okabe out of his slump after his disastrous first attempt at saving Kurisu from her murderer. On the same note, the main reason why Okabe puts on a mad scientist persona is because he knows it makes her happy.

8 Perfect Together: They Are Both Dorks

There one way to perfectly describe Okabe and Kurisu. No, it’s not scientists. It’s dorks, in the most wonderful ways possible.

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They both have a problem with intimacy and it shows in their tsundere tendencies. Part of the fun of the show is to see them work past their reservations to start a relationship. Moreso, they share an abundance of geeky hobbies like card games and serval other otaku interest. They are also willing to deal with each other quirks. Kurisu is willing to put up with Okabe’s Hououin Kyouma persona and Okabe is willing to deal with her @channel talk.

7 Gone With Instead: Faris NyanNyan (Rumiho Akiha)

If Okabe wants to geek out with his girlfriend, then Faris is the girl for him. Not only is she an otaku, but she is also basically the queen otaku of Akihabara that not only enjoys but excels at most of Okabe’s hobbies. So much so, that in an alternate timeline, they teamed up to become champions in the card game they both play.

On a more intimate level, Okabe is one of the few people that knows her as lonely little Rumiho Akiha. And because of that, he can provide her with the much-needed company she secretly desires. A thing that would only be expanded upon if they were to be in a relationship.

6 Perfect Together: Willing To Go Above and Beyond For Each Other

If actions are worth more than words than Okabe and Kurisu have proven they love each other time and again.

Okabe was willing to go to the brink of insanity traveling through thousands of timelines to find the one where Kurisu can live. Along the same level of fidelity, Kurisu goes through a similar situation in the movie, where she proves to be one of the few people to remember Okabe and then travels through different timelines to save him. Those are definitely good to show and not say they care.

5 Gone With Instead: Luka Urushibara (Rukako)

Man or woman, this timeline or the next, Luka Urushibara will always love Okabe Rintaro.

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If Okabe did choose Rukako, he would have a wonderful partner who adores him to the fullest. Not only that, but they also get along quite well with Okabe providing some moral and emotional support for the young shrine maiden with self-esteem issues. For what it is worth, the relationship is proven to work in one timeline where the two go on to have a wonderful baby.

4 Perfect Together: Willing To Sacrifice

This couple is willing to go one step farther than above and beyond for each other. They are willing to completely end things for each other, as well.

Both Kurisu and Okabe have been faced with the prospect of having the other suffer to bring them back, and both said they would rather effectively die than to cause further suffering on their partner. That’s quite the proclamation of love, even if they didn’t once utter the word “love” while doing so.

3 Gone With Instead: Suzuha Amane (Part-Time Warrior)

They could make a great couple… but they might want to keep it a secret from Daru.

Time shenanigans aside, Okabe and Suzuha share quite the fun rapport at least when the world isn’t in immediate danger. They both exhibit a playful demeanor with each other which could lead to quite a fun relationship. Respect is there too. Okabe respects who Suzuha currently is, and she respects the man that Okabe can become. If they were to form a relationship, it is quite possible that they might be able to reconcile any differences between what they see and what they got.

2 Perfect Together: They Both Enjoy The Work Of A Certain Doctor

So what respected doctor can these two science geeks agree on? Is it a doctor that works in some form of theoretical science? Maybe a mentor figure that shaped their understanding of how the world works? Nope, the doctor they both agree on it the type that combines 23 flavors into the intellectual drink of chosen ones! Dr. Pepper!

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At the bare minimum, anybody who wants to start a relationship with Okabe has to at least tolerate Dr. Pepper (known as Dk Pepper in-universe). Thankfully, it seems like Kurisu likes it well enough to avoid any soda-related troubles that could harm their relationship.

1 Gone With Instead: Maho

Maho and Okabe’s relationship would be a lot like the relationship he has with Kurisu. Science would bring them closer together, they would both be a literal couple of dorks, and they would work well together. The only difference would be that Okabe would have a whole lot of baggage going into this relationship.

And that baggage all centers around the last person he loved, Kurisu. Given the time they would meet, and the timeline they would meet it, she would still be fresh on his mind. Though, with some work, love might still blossom between them.

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Okabe and Kurisu have an interesting dynamic, but could Okabe have done better with a different partner?

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