Steven Universe: The TV Show May Be Over, But the Comics Live On

All good things must come to an end, and Steven Universe is no exception. In no uncertain terms, Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the series, has established that for all intents and purposes, she is done working on the award-winning series. For many, this ending means no more Steven, no more Crystal Gems and no more of a story that meant a lot to people over the last seven years.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else for Steven Universe fans to enjoy. Since 2016, Boom! Comics has published multiple Steven Universe comics that expand the world, revisit iconic characters and feature adventures fans could never have seen coming. Across over 50 issues and five graphic novels, Steven Universe lives on in comics form.

It is vital to point out that the comics have always existed in a canon adjacent to Steven Universe. They are not, strictly speaking, canon to the series nor is Rebecca Sugar creatively involved with them. In a tweet, Sugar stated, “If any comic claims to be a canon continuation of the SU story/world, please know that it was not developed or approved by the show team or by me.”

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This means that the comics, while fun, are just side stories that were never intended to impact the greater world of Steven Universe. So, don’t read them with the intention of mining some secret information about the characters.

The first line of Steven Universe comics ran for eight issues between 2014 and 2015, before being relaunched in 2017 for a 36-issue run that ended in 2020. The series consists of main stories with a few minis to follow. A few of the stories take place over a couple of issues, such as “Library” in issues #5 and #6. This changed in the relaunch, where each issue serves as a complete one-off story, with some references to prior stories throughout. The second volume often feels more akin to later seasons of the show, with a heavier emphasis on fantasy adventure.

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As the comics were written side-by-side with the animated series, there are occasional points where the comics contradict the cartoon’s continuity. On top of that, characters and situations introduced in later parts of the series are blended into the comic continuity — like Lapis, Peridot and Bismuth joining the Crystal Gems or Lars’s epic battles against Emerald, alluded to in the main series but never outlined.

The series also features a remarkable amount of shout-outs to other shows. Everyone from fellow Cartoon Network characters like Mordecai from Regular Show to anime characters like Yuri and Victor from Yuri on Ice!!! cameo throughout the comics. Steven even plays Pikmin at one point.

Of course, the mainline Steven Universe comics aren’t the only ones Boom! put out. There are multiple one-shot issues, featuring special stories surrounding a specific theme. For example, Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy is an anthology of stories focusing on a different fusion from the series. Alongside these are five graphic novels that tell various stories in a similar fashion, just with more pages.

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There are also multi-part stories published by Boom! that showcase grand adventures that couldn’t fit the episodic format of the main series. Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems focuses on an enigmatic creature known as the Glass Ghost who starts off as a boogieman in a story Pearl tells before evidence surfaces that the story might have some basis in reality. Steven Universe: Harmony is a five-part miniseries that takes place during Season 5, where Steven encounters a Diamond Authority weapon known as the Harmony which threatens to eradicate Beach City should Steven not take it out.

Whatever the case, the Steven Universe comics, while ultimately non-canon, offer fans a lot more content. So, if you miss the series, now might be a great time to read them.

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Steven Universe has ended, but there are still plenty of comics that tie into the Steven Universe.

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